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HomeKit Surge Protectors: A round up of the best products

HomeKit sockets are an easy way to convert an existing appliance into an appliance that works with your smart home setup. What if you need more than one? HomeKit surge protection is the easiest way to turn multiple devices into devices that work with HomeKit. I bought a handful of these and now have my favorites. So read on if you want to learn more about the best HomeKit surge protection devices.

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Surge protectors are useful for adding extra protection to expensive items such as electronics, but they are also useful for expanding an outlet to include multiple items. All of the products mentioned here are native HomeKit products, so you don’t need to load them into HomeKit via the product app. All you have to do is scan the code and then connect.

VOCOlinc HomeKit surge protection

VOCOlinc is one of my favorite home kit manufacturers, and Homekit surge protectors are no exception. It contains three power ports as well as two ports for charging USB-A devices. When you use it in your office, it becomes a convenient device that you can use to charge your iPhone at your desk. Each port is 5V2.4A so it is not suitable for fast charging an iPad. The sockets are far apart so everything stays easily connected. I have this surge protector in my dining room with a couple of lamps that I combined in the Home app to only appear as a single light. The Wi-Fi connection is only 2.4 GHz, like many smart home products, and I would really like more 5 GHz connections for HomeKit products in the future.

Meross surge protection

The Meross surge protector is the latest addition to my HomeKit lineup and is used in my office to power a lamp, charge my iPhone and HomePod. The key difference between this product and the VOCOlinc is that it contains a total of four USB ports and the USB ports are available in HomeKit so you can enable and disable them remotely. As with the VOCOlinc, the USB ports are used to charge items with lower power consumption, but an iPad can be charged overnight.

Eve Energy Strip

Eve is a top HomeKit maker and makes some of my favorite products. The water guard, HomeKit button, and Eve Cam are great additions to any HomeKit home. Of all the HomeKit surge protectors I’ve used, the Eve Energy Strip has the best build quality, but it’s also the most expensive. It’s at least twice as expensive as the other two products, but it also looks a lot better. It contains three plugs that can be controlled individually. You can automatically simulate lights to turn them off and on through the Eve app to make them look like someone is home.

Wrap the HomeKit surge protector

All three products I own are really fantastic products. The Eve Energy Strip has the best build quality but is a premium price. Both the Meross and VOCOlinc products are great too, but they’re made of plastic. Overall, I recommend them all. I would recommend the Meross product as the USB ports for HomeKit are available. So if this is what you need for your use case, it is the ideal product.

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