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HomeKit Weekly: Light up your workspace on a budget with the VOCOlinc smart light strip

Over the summer my school was doing a major renovation project and as a result I moved into a brand new office. One of the things I decided to do was add HomeKit products. Of course, I started with a HomePod as a HomeKit hub, and the very first product I added next was the VOCOlinc light bars.

HomeKit Weekly is a series that focuses on smart home accessories, tips and tricks about automation, and everything related to Apple’s smart home framework.

VOCOlinc is one of my favorite HomeKit providers. In the past I checked the air filter, window sensors, and outlet adapters. They make reliable products that are a very reliable addition to a HomeKit setup. With the VOCOlinc strip, I have completely changed the atmosphere of my office. The starter kit is the perfect length for my desk so I can attach it to the back and plug it into the floor. Pairing with the Home app is as easy as you’d expect from a native HomeKit product. All you have to do is scan the code and then add it. With the VOCOlinc app, I was able to apply the latest firmware update, but beyond that everything is done in the home app.

Anyone who has a full-time job knows that the workday can sometimes drag on, and mixing my lights during the day was a fun way to change things up. In my new office setup, I have a HomePod that I use with Apple Music. I’ve heard the new Apple Music Country Live almost every day since it was announced. I have a HomeKit automation set up that starts playing at 8 a.m. and stops playing at 5 p.m. every day. I initially forgot to change it to only work Monday through Friday so the cleaning company had a nice treat when they got through.

HomeKit Weekly: Light up your workspace on a budget with the VOCOlinc smart light strip

I have also set up a second automation where the VOCOlinc is switched on when I work with a second lamp connected to a VOCOlic socket adapter. It turns off when I leave. I often have outside meetings with salespeople over coffee, etc., so I told the people in our office to look in my office if they are looking for me. When the lights are on, I’m on campus, but I’m off campus when the lights are off.

The VOCOlinc light strip can be extended up to 13 feet or cut to the size you want to cover. Since I have the HomePod in my office, I run it 100% of the time from Siri and am very impressed with how quickly the colors change. We joked at work that I should create a color card outside of my offsite to determine my mood (red = don’t bother me, blue = good mood). That would be an exciting addition to Apple Watch and HomeKit in the future.

Wrap on VOCOlinc light strips

Overall, the VOCOlinc light strip was a fun addition to my office that is extremely inexpensive. It can be installed in just a few minutes with the built in adhesive, and then HomeKit takes over from there. Instead of relying on ceiling lights to light up my office, I enjoyed having mood lighting instead.

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HomeKit Weekly: Light up your workspace on a budget with the VOCOlinc smart light strip

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