HomeDevices: Clever HomeKit app shows device functions even before purchase

Cupertino, January 5, 2022

HomeDevices is an exciting new app that shows you the HomeKit functionality of devices and how they are displayed in HomeKit before you buy them.

Have you always wondered what sensors a device has built in and what triggers you can use in HomeKit automations? Then HomeDevices is the right app for you.

HomeDevices Clever HomeKit app shows device functions even before purchase

None another HomeKit control app

You don't control or automate anything with HomeDevices. But HomeDevices is your big helper and shows you even before you decide to buy a device, what the different HomeKit devices can really do. Simple facts and no flowery marketing blah blah from the manufacturers. This way, you can browse through the HomeDevices device overview or search specifically for devices that you would like to buy in the future to fit your intended use.

1641632630 435 HomeDevices Clever HomeKit app shows device functions even before purchase

Is the lamp capable of Adaptive Lighting? Does the device require a bridge? Does the button support once, twice and long press? A connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread, Matter? You can now explore these and many more details in advance with HomeDevices.

What do your devices have under the hood?

HomeDevices is also very useful for the HomeKit devices you already have at home. No matter which HomeKit app you use to control and set up automations, not all apps really offer you all the features your devices support. The HomeDevices app gives you insight into the technical details and possible functions of your existing devices, as you can actually use them in HomeKit. Possible events and conditions that the device offers for HomeKit are directly visible.

1641632630 267 HomeDevices Clever HomeKit app shows device functions even before purchase

#Crowd4HomeDevices - You decide. For sure!

As the world of HomeKit devices around the globe is also becoming more colorful and diverse, you yourself, together with the community, can contribute to the expansion of the HomeDevices device overview. Help to make HomeDevices better and more comprehensive. Share the technical details of your devices easily in the app. Information that really counts, namely what the device can do in HomeKit and help you with a purchase decision and automation options. This way you help HomeDevices, yourself and the entire community.

1641632631 932 HomeDevices Clever HomeKit app shows device functions even before purchase

It is essential and self-evident that HomeDevices does not receive and does not need any personal information. Only the technical device specifications that the manufacturer has included with the device and made available in HomeKit can be actively uploaded to HomeDevices. Only the device that you click on the upload button will be shared with HomeDevices. So if your device is not yet available in the general device overview, help out and upload it.

This is done with a few clicks. Enter the manufacturer name and the name of your device, add a picture that Google search can help you with and name the connection type of your device. For a camera, you can note whether the camera supports HomeKit Secure Video and for lamps, for example, point to the Adaptive Lighting function.

HomeDevices Clever HomeKit app shows device functions even before purchase

This way, the overview of devices becomes more and more comprehensive and everyone helps out. And also you can check in advance in HomeDevices what the device offers for your intended use before buying your next HomeKit device. HomeDevices currently lists over 530 HomeKit devices and more are being added every day. #Crowd4HomeDevices

You can now download HomeDevices for free from the App Store. Maybe you still have a HomeKit device in use that can complement the device overview. But be careful when browsing! Spontaneous inspiration, what you can still make so HomeKit-smart, is not excluded.

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