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HomeKit 4.1 controller with selective backup and restore available now

HomeKit 4.1 controller with selective backup and restore available now

The HomeKit controller has been updated today to version 4.1, supporting selective backups for scenes, accessories and automation. In previous versions, users were able to back up and restore their entire HomeKit home with some limitations, but the latest version allows users to pick and choose which is saved either in local storage or on iCloud.

Developer Jan André says the backup review took about 6 months of dedicated development. We tested the backup feature for last week and found it to work exactly as advertised, making it one of our picks for the best HomeKit apps. Creating a backup requires only a few clicks, and the actual process will take less than a minute for a full backup.

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While the HomeKit Controller application can be downloaded for free, users are limited to backups that are only available 10 minutes after creation. Full backup functionality requires a one-time purchase of $ 8.99 in-app. Here are the full release notes for Update 4.1:

  • Make full backups of your home settings or select individual automations / scenes for a partial backup.
  • Browse the backup and verify that the data is the same as your current configuration.
  • Easily restore the individual parts one by one or use the restore process with customizable steps.
  • Try all these features with the BASIC version! In test mode, new backups can be used for 10 minutes.
  • Sync your backups with iCloud Drive or save them locally to your device.
    – Improved accessories attribution logic

In addition to being the only HomeKit app around that supports backups, Controller for HomeKit includes a few other power user features that make it necessary. One of these is an event log, which gives users a live look at all the behind the scenes data that happens throughout the day with HomeKit accessories.

Another thing is the workflows that can be set for your HomeKit scenes and accessories, which include stopping automation and reading / writing specific device states. Finally, the app provides access to all the services and attributes for an accessory that simply cannot be found in the Home app.