HomeKit air purifier overview

Cupertino, July 31, 2023

With air pollution becoming an increasingly common problem in many urban areas, finding ways to improve indoor air quality has become a top priority for many homeowners. Fortunately, with the advent of smart home technology, we now have access to a range of high-tech air purifiers that not only help remove harmful pollutants from the air, but can also be controlled remotely using our smartphones or voice assistants. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the best HomeKit air purifier options on the market today and explore how they can help you breathe easier and stay healthy in your own home. HomeKit Weekly is a series that focuses on smart home accessories, home automation tips and tricks, and everything related to Apple's smart home framework. Why choose a HomeKit air purifier? Investing in a HomeKit-enabled air purifier can provide a range of benefits for homeowners looking to improve their indoor air quality. Here are two reasons why you might consider adding a HomeKit air purifier to your home: Control with the Home app or Siri Using Siri voice commands. This allows you to easily adjust the settings of your air purifier remotely, without having to get up to manually adjust the controls. For example, you can ask Siri to turn on your air purifier before you leave the house or adjust the fan speed to the desired level from your couch. Automatic Control with HomeKit Automation Another benefit of using a HomeKit-enabled purifier is that you can set up automations to control the purifier based on other factors, such as air quality. For example, you can connect your HomeKit air purifier to an air quality sensor such as the Eve Room, or the built-in sensors in the air purifier itself, to automatically switch on the air purifier when the air quality drops below a certain level. This can ensure that you always breathe clean air without having to constantly monitor the air quality yourself. Plus, you can create custom scenes that control multiple HomeKit accessories at once, making it easy to adjust the air quality in your home with just a few taps on your iPhone. Airversa Thread Enabled AP2 The Airversa Thread Enabled AP2 is a powerful and efficient air purifier that comes with a range of advanced features to help you breathe easier. Equipped with a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, this air purifier can remove up to 99.97% of pollutants from the air, including dust, pollen, smoke and pet dander. With HomeKit compatibility, you can easily control the AP2 using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, as well as Siri voice commands on your HomePod or HomePod mini. Of all the air purifiers on the market that are HomeKit compatible, it's the only one that supports Thread for a more reliable connection. Meross Smart Air Purifier The Meross Smart Air Purifier is another great option for people looking to improve the quality of their indoor air. With its three-stage filtration system, this air purifier can remove up to 99.97% of harmful particles from the air, including allergens, dust and pet hair. The Meross Smart Air Purifier also comes with a range of smart features such as app control, voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant, and HomeKit compatibility for seamless integration with your Apple ecosystem. Smartmi Air Purifier The Smartmi Air Purifier is a portable and compact air purifier that is perfect for use in smaller spaces, such as bedrooms or home offices. With its HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, the Smartmi air purifier can remove up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants, including allergens, bacteria and viruses. With HomeKit compatibility, you can control the Smartmi Air Purifier using Siri voice commands or the Apple Home app, and set up automation routines to suit your lifestyle. VOCOlinc PM2.5 Air Purifier The VOCOlinc PM2.5 Air Purifier is a powerful air purifier capable of removing up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants, including pollen, dust and smoke. With its True HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, the VOCOlinc PM2.5 air purifier can effectively filter particles as small as 0.3 microns. With HomeKit compatibility, you can easily control the VOCOlinc PM2.5 purifier with Siri voice commands or the Apple Home app, and set up automation routines to suit your needs. Rounding Up HomeKit Air Purifier Options While each of these air purifiers has its unique features and benefits, we have to mention that our favorite option is the Airversa AP2. This air purifier not only has an elegant and modern design, but also features Thread support, making it one of the most reliable and stable options for HomeKit. With its advanced HEPA and activated carbon filters, powerful motor and seamless HomeKit integration, the Airversa AP2 is a high-performance air purifier that can help you breathe easier and stay healthy in your own home. It can be purchased from Amazon or directly from Airversa. FTC: We use auto affiliate links that generate revenue. More.

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