HomeKit-Compatible Humidifier by Airversa: The Humelle

Cupertino, December 1, 2023

Last year we moved into a house we built from the ground up. One of the things that was different from my previous house was the type of heating. Instead of a heat pump, we switched to natural gas. It's the second time I've used gas heating, and there's one thing I forgot: how dry it was. Now gas heat is certainly much warmer; especially when it gets really cold, I just prefer gas heating. Well, I do, but my nose doesn't. The more he runs, the drier my nose becomes. Airversa's Humelle Humidifier is now my go-to solution for a HomeKit-compatible humidifier for bedrooms. HomeKit Humidifier – What You Want to See If I were to design a HomeKit compatible humidifier, it would be a fairly simple product. It would look sleek. It would support Thread. You could add essential oils to it for a nice scent (I don't believe in the health benefits). It would include some nice lightning options. It would have a large water tank in it. Airversa has completely knocked it out of the park here. It checks all the boxes for what I want in a HomeKit humidifier. It checks all the boxes for what I would build if I were to design one too. The Airversa team has put together a great team. I'm also a big fan of the Airversa air purifier, so I'm not surprised that I love this product too. Unpacking and Setting Up the Humelle Humidifier As always with the best HomeKit products, I can go from unpacking to setting up automations in less than ten minutes. It comes essentially assembled. All you have to do is remove the cleaning brush from the bottom of the tank. You can then add water (via the screw hole on the bottom), reattach the water tank and connect it. The Airversa humidifier included the HomeKit QR code on the back of the product and also in the manual. I really appreciate it when companies send multiple copies of the installation code. However, I always recommend using an app like HomePass to backup your codes, especially for products that involve water. Daily use However, the Humelle humidifier is not just any humidifier. It also includes multiple HomeKit sensors. It contains a nice light, a temperature sensor and also has a dehumidification mode. Sleekpoint App The Sleekpoint App, while not required, is recommended for all Airversa products. Even if you don't want to adjust some advanced features, it is necessary for firmware updates. I had to apply one to the Humelle humidifier as soon as I opened the app for the first time. Once you have the app, you can create different scenes for the built-in light, verify Thread settings, enable SenseBoost (a fan starts at a low level to increase the sensors' accuracy), and create a more detailed schedule than HomeKit allows. Like I said, it's not required, but it might be worth downloading just to get the firmware updates applied. Summary about the Humelle Humidifier Overall, I can't find anything not to like about this product. The large 5.5 liter water reservoir is large enough for a bedroom. It can easily run all night, which is perfect for dry winter nights. I love the lighting options (especially the mist sync) for kids' rooms as a night light. Wire support also indicates a strong reliability factor. Thanks to its broad feature set, the Humella humidifier is now my top-rated pick for HomeKit humidifiers. It can be purchased from Amazon. FTC: We use monetized auto-affiliate links. More.

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