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HomeKit HomePass accessory code storage application gets a new look, shortcuts and more

HomeKit HomePass accessory code storage application gets a new look, shortcuts and more

A new update of the popular HomeKit code storage application, HomePass, is launching today on the App Store. Already one of our favorite HomeKit applications for its perfect backups and synchronization capabilities, HomePass version 1.7 makes it even easier for HomeKit fans to manage their precious accessory codes.

Removing things is a new grid look on the home screen of the app that groups the accessories on the camera. Rooms and accessories can only be hidden from view with a tap, providing a quick way to get to a certain accessory and code. Also, a new category view has been added, which sorts the accessories according to their type of device, such as cameras or sockets.

  • HomePass now allows you to easily browse Houses and Rooms in a simple grid. Tap a room name to crash and hide your accessories, then tap again to display.
  • The new look of the categories adds the ability to view all your accessories according to their category type, for quick reference.
  • We’ve also added context menu support to all the accessories in these new layouts, just press and hold for a quick set of options, including Edit, Delete and Copy Code.

Additional settings include a new custom field section for accessories that can be used to store things like MAC or IP addresses, and the app now saves serial numbers automatically. When completing the visual changes, context menus are added that present options such as editing or deleting with a long press.

  • Custom fields allow you to save any information you want on the accessory. For example, you can store MAC addresses for easy-to-send devices or manufacturer specific information if you want.
  • HomePass will automatically save serial numbers along with the default device name, manufacturer and model information, each time you add an accessory.

Siri shortcuts support also gets an update in HomePass 1.7, with new commands available through the Shortcuts app. The latest additions include ways to get all the information stored for an accessory, or the entire accessory database. Finally, HomePass also introduces x-callback-url support, which gives developers a way to programmatically add accessories to the application.

  • Sometimes you need better shortcuts, and I finally offered them.
  • Now you can get all of your HomePass accessory information with Siri shortcuts for use, however you want.
  • A “Get Accessories” shortcut returns all information on the accessory, while the “Get All Accessories” shortcut gives you every accessory in the database.
  • We also included the ability to directly select which accessory to load in shortcuts. It is not added manually anymore.

HomePass 1.7 is now available on the App Store as a free upgrade for existing owners, or $ 2.99 for new purchases. HomePass is also available through the Home Essentials package, which includes other popular applications from Sunya Limited, including HomeRun and HomeCam, for $ 9.99.