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HomeKit signals can draw everyone’s attention with lighting effects

HomeKit signals can draw everyone's attention with lighting effects

HomeKit signals can draw everyone’s attention with lighting effectsSource: HomeMade Automation

Home Flash, one of our options for the best HomeKit apps in 2020, has been updated with a new name, a refreshed design and support for the latest iOS 14 features. Now known as HomeKit Signals, the updated app is an easy way to create quick actions that can block HomeKit accessories with eye-catching effects and color with a touch or shout through Siri.

We present Signals for HomeKit, the best way to communicate at home, without all the shouts! The signals work with any of the bulbs, switches or sockets with attached lights – do you have a child playing video games with headphones on? Just tap on their light to give them a few flashes.

Version 2.0 of the app includes a revamped interface that provides full support for the iPad, complete with a new Side Bar navigation menu. When creating a signal, users can now choose between three different lighting effects to go along with the duration and colors. Signals can be applied to most types of lighting, including HomeKit lamps, lighting strips, light panels, switches, and light bulbs.

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Lighting effects include: Flash which dims slowly and the lights selected, Pulse which has a faster and shorter model and Stay, which will show a solid color for a preset period of time before returning to its previous state. Each effect is easy to distinguish, and through color combinations, you can create tons of distinct signals that cover scenarios like announcing dinner time or telling someone you’re taking too little time in the shower.

The updated app also brings in-app signals directly to the home screen via the extended iOS 14 widget feature. Widgets join other convenient ways to launch signals, such as through shortcuts, which can be paired with other automations and also allows hands-free operation via Siri via HomePod.

HomeKit signals are now available as a free download in the App Store, with a single purchase available for $ 4.99, which unlocks full functionality. Additional information about signals and other applications from the developer can be found on the HomeMade Automation website.