HomeKit weekly: Meross smart LED light strips can brighten up any room on a budget

Cupertino, July 16, 2021

Meross has become one of the top Homekit manufacturers thanks to their expanding product portfolio and affordable price points. I have some of their previous products in my home, including their smart strip, table lamp, outdoor plug, and dual smart plug. This week, I'm looking at the new HomeKit-compatible Meross LED light strips.

HomeKit Weekly is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything related to Apple's smart home framework.

Light strips are a fun product category because they can go almost anywhere. Unlike lamps or ceiling lights, you can use LED light strips on dressers, beds, or illuminate your desk. Most of them can emit multiple colors, are dimmable, and can be expanded by buying another one to create an even more beautiful experience. Plus, they're an inexpensive way to light up a dorm, as long as you can connect them to the campus Wi-Fi. I recently picked up Meross' new version of their light strip and found that it's a fun way to brighten up a room with reliable HomeKit access. Compared to other light strips I've tested and used in the past, I was also impressed with the overall build quality of Meross' light strip. It comes on a nice plastic wheel that makes it easy to roll out and place where you want it.

Unpacking and installation

The Meross light strip comes in a handful of pieces that you put together to make the whole product work. The key is to attach the light strip to the power adapter. Next, you'll need to slide the light strip into the socket and plug in a standard power cord, like a PC laptop. Once everything is assembled, plug it into power and look for the HomeKit code on the back of the box near the power outlet. I found the onboarding experience with your Wi-Fi almost instantaneous; you can then assign the device a room in your HomeKit environment and give it a custom name.

HomeKit experience

Once the Meross light strip was in HomeKit, I set up a custom HomeKit screen with my daughter's lamp, a white noise machine, and a light strip. I named the screen "Goodnight Princess," so when it's time to go to bed, I can activate that scene, and all those accessories go into the mode they're supposed to be in at night. In the morning, I have a scene called "Good Morning Princess," which turns on the lamp, the white noise machine off, and the light strip on full blast to pink (her favorite color). The light strip is long enough to cover the entire back of her bed, so it emits a good amount of light. You can change the light to blue, green, red, etc. It looks like more color options than you can count.

Wrapping up Meross LED light strip

For the current price, it's an easy HomeKit add-on. It's been reliable so far using my eero Wi-Fi, and it's a fun way to brighten up my daughter's bedroom. Meross has been adding to their entire HomeKit line with quality products at a fair price, and this one is no different. Add light to a room with the HomeKit-enabled Meross light strip, which can be purchased on Amazon.

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