HomeKit Weekly Review: Four new TRÅDFRI light bulbs from IKEA, Aqara P1 contact sensor launches in China, and more

Cupertino, January 21, 2022

Every Sunday, we take a look back at what happened in the HomeKit world last week. This week there were new devices, product announcements, a Homebridge DIY and more.

HomeKit air purifier from Sensibo launches

Earlier this week, Sensibo released a HomeKit air purifier in Germany. The Sensibo Pure-Smart is said to clean the air in rooms up to 27m² via the three-part filter system.

Sensibo Pure-Smart Air Purifier

In addition, the device has an air quality sensor installed, via which the air purifier can switch itself on if necessary. You can get the Sensibo Pure-Smart now at Amazon.

Four new TRÅDFRI lamps from IKEA announce themselves

In Austria, a new filament lamp with E14 socket is already available at IKEA. German users, on the other hand, still have to exercise patience.

TRADFRI Gateway Firmware update brings new features and devices

As we now know, however, it is not to remain with the one lamp. IKEA wants to release four new TRÅDFRI lamps in the near future. In addition to the retro lamp with E14 socket, another model with E27 socket is to be added, as well as two other decorative E27 lamps with frosted glass.

New wall switches from Aqara for the European market

Aqara this week officially announced five new wall switches for the European market. In addition to the four wired wall switches, two of which connect with neutral and two without, there is also a battery-powered wireless switch.

HomeKit Weekly Review Four new TRADFRI light bulbs from IKEA

The Wall Switch H1 EU series not only fits into the 86mm wall sockets that have also been supported so far, but should also fit into the round wall sockets that are typical for Europe. When the first dealers will offer the wall switch in this country is not yet known.

Automation of the week: Don't close the blind when the window is still open

Since the windows are open more often again with the summer temperatures, this week we presented you an automation that does not let the blinds close when the window is open.

Do not close the roller blind when the window is still open

The automation is to avert a roller blind spaghetti on the open window and prevent damage to the roller blind.

Homebridge DIY: Integrate washing machine adapter "Laundrify" into HomeKit.

For the Homebridge users among you, we have published this week also again a small craft project. The washing machine plug-in Laundrify can be integrated into HomeKit via a plug-in.

1642360487 60 HomeKit Weekly Review Four new TRADFRI light bulbs from IKEA

This makes your washing machine appear as a contact sensor in Apple's Smarthome platform and allows you to set up appropriate automations when the wash cycle is finished.

Aqara P1 contact sensor available in China

In China, Aqara has released a new contact sensor, the P1, as our colleagues at Homekit.Blog report. This one is now rounder and comes with a CR123A battery instead of a coin cell. The combination of Zigbee 3.0 and the new battery should enable a runtime of up to five years.

Aqara P1 contact sensor

In addition, the distance between sensor and magnet can be adjusted until the status changes. Distances between 10 and 30 mm are possible. For the first time, the sensor also has tamper detection and can send a notification as soon as someone tries to remove the sensor. So far, the Aqara P1 contact sensor is only available in China for the equivalent of about 22€.

New Thread Starter Set from Eve Systems available

Eve Systems continues to fully rely on Thread and wants to make it easier to get started with the now available Starter Kit consisting of Eve Light Switch and Eve Door & Window.

New Thread Starter Set available from Eve Systems

To enjoy the mesh network technology, you only need a Thread Border router in addition to the two devices, i.e. a HomePod Mini or an Apple TV of the current generation. By the way, there are no real price savings with the set. Only the currently available 5% coupon, which you can activate on the product page, lowers the price a bit.

Current offers

After the Amazon Prime Day, on which over a hundred HomeKit devices were also reduced, numerous coupons are currently still active at Meross. The 10m Light Strip, the double pack of sockets, the outdoor socket, the bedside lamp, the universal switch and the garage door opener can be purchased so significantly cheaper. Simply activate the coupon on the respective product page.

HomeKit Weekly Review Four new TRADFRI light bulbs from IKEA

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