HomeKit Weekly Review: Silly air quality sensor launched by IKEA, Philips Hue with new app, and more

Cupertino, January 1, 2022

Tomorrow, the annual Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off with its traditional opening event. But before we turn our attention to the upcoming HomeKit innovations, we take a look back at the past seven days.

Compact HomeKit socket from Meross with introductory discount

Meross released a new compact HomeKit power outlet earlier this week. The new form factor is designed to no longer block neighboring outlets.

Mini HomeKit socket from Meross

Like its predecessor, the Meross Mini power outlet also relies on 2.4GHz WiFi as a wireless connection. You can currently get the package consisting of four sockets for 51,19€ instead of 63,99€.

Automation of the week: Fan motion and temperature control

To make the hot days somewhat bearable, in our current Automation of the Week we control a fan depending on motion and temperature.

Controlling a fan depending on motion and temperature

All you need is a fan, an adapter, a motion sensor and a temperature sensor.

HomeRun 2 controls HomeKit devices via the wrist

The developer of the popular HomeKit app HomeRun has released version 2 this week. Instead of an update, however, you'll have to reinstall the app.

HomeKit on the Apple Watch: HomeRun 2 released

The new version also introduced a new payment model. The functionality of the first version is free of charge. However, if you want to use more grids, complications and widgets, you have to pay 4.99€ per month or a one-time fee of 21.99€. HomeRun Plus buy

homeOS: New operating system surfaced

In a job description just a week before WWDC, Apple has revealed the previously unreleased mobile operating system homeOS revealed. So far, however, we can only speculate what it is. We will probably find out more at tomorrow's opening event of the Worldwide Developers Conference.

iOS 14: These are the HomeKit innovations

After the job description had made the rounds, Apple has unceremoniously homeOS is deleted from it. Instead, there is now talk of the HomePod.

Nanoleaf releases new accent lighting in wood look

At a live event this week, Nanoleaf unveiled a new wood-look accent light instead of the classic white plastic. Due to the special shell, however, you have to do without colored light. Instead, you can choose between cold and warm color temperatures. The starter set is now also available on Amazon.

Nanoleaf: New wall modules in wood look presented

In addition, the manufacturer has improved the Nanoleaf Essentials, wants to make Nanoleaf Shapes and Nanoleaf Elements available as border routers for Thread in the future and has teased a new form of accent lighting with Nanoleaf Lines.

New HomeKit desk lamp available from Meross

Surprisingly, Meross has posted a new HomeKit device on Amazon this week. The sleek desk lamp can already be ordered, although the product description is still missing.

New HomeKit desk lamp from Meross launches

However, a look at the setup process within the manufacturer's own app reveals that the lamp can also be integrated with HomeKit. One is prompted to scan the HomeKit code.

IKEA VINDRIKTNING: Air quality sensor cannot be integrated into Home smart be integrated

IKEA has actually introduced an exciting device with the VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor. Powered via USB-C, the sensor can detect particles in the air up to PM2.5 (particle size 2.5 μm) and directly display the air quality via LEDs in green, yellow and red.

IKEA VINDRIKTNING: Air quality sensor cannot be integrated into Home smart

Unfortunately, the sensor, which costs only 10€, is not smart and cannot be integrated into IKEA Home smart. This also eliminates the HomeKit integration. Not even with the FÖRNUFTIG air purifier can the sensor be paired and you have to manually turn on the air purifier when the air quality is poor.

Philips Hue App version 4 released

On Thursday, Signify released version 4 of the Philips Hue app. The completely reprogrammed app for the manufacturer's own products brings some improvements.

Philips Hue App version 4 released

Old hat for HomeKit users, but location-based automations, which are now also no longer called routines, now check if anyone is still at home before they are executed. Rooms and zones have also been given a tile view.

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