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HomeKit’s best door and window sensor in 2020

HomeKit's best door and window sensor in 2020

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HomeKit Window and Door Sensors

HomeKit door and window sensors let you keep track of your home through notifications, while you’re at home or away. These easy-to-install sensors come in two pieces, using magnets for detection and attach directly to most double-tape surfaces. Check out our guide to the best HomeKit sensors to help you choose the right one for your needs.

HomeKit’s best door and window sensor in 2020

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The Eve Door & Window sensor is a flexible sensor that uses a clip in the remote system for installation. This allows the magnetic portion of the package to sit in the perfect position, perfect for uneven walls, doors or cutouts. Eve Door & Window connects to HomeKit using Bluetooth, which makes it fast to associate with and is ready to keep your home in short order.

$ 39 at Amazon

HomeKit’s best door and window sensor in 2020

Aqara door and window sensor is a cost-effective solution to secure your home if you already have the Aqara HomeKit hub. Sold in packs of two, these sensors pair using the Zigbee wireless protocol, allowing for fast response times and solid reliability. These sensors are also incredibly small, allowing them to blend in with most of the décor.

$ 28 on Amazon

HomeKit’s best door and window sensor in 2020

The door and window sensor from Koogeek is similar to Eve’s offer. However, it uses a simpler, more universal design that makes installation a little easier. Koogeek’s magnet portion is dimensionless, without spaces, and powerful enough to compensate for potential variations between surfaces. This sensor also uses a standard coin cell battery, which is easier to track when it is time to replace.

$ 32 at Amazon

HomeKit’s best door and window sensor in 2020

The Fibaro door / window sensor may seem expensive compared to others. However, it is more than a pony with a single trick. In addition to alerting you when doors and windows open or close, this sensor also includes temperature monitoring, which is related to HomeKit. This allows a more discreet way to look at home without having many devices hanging.

$ 60 at Amazon

HomeKit’s best door and window sensor in 2020

Despite its name, the Terncy Door sensor works with almost anything that opens and closes due to its compact design. The Terncy sensor uses Zigbee wireless, which requires the Terncy Home Center gateway, an additional expense, but opens the door to more accessories on the way. Zigbee connectivity also allows this sensor to operate for up to a year, without the need to replace the battery.

$ 27 on Amazon

HomeKit’s best door and window sensor in 2020

Ismartgate Magnetic Sensor is an outdoor solution designed to work with gates guarding your home or driveway. This sensor is directly related to the ismartgate gateway, which is mandatory for use, but the convenience of knowing your gate status may be worth the investment. The ismartgate sensor also measures the temperature efficiently, making it a local weather station.

$ 40 at Amazon

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HomeKit window and door sensors are an easy way to install the status of your home. These sensors provide instant notifications when their status changes and even work with other HomeKit accessories, allowing for powerful automation. We like the Eve Door & Window modular design sensor, which allows it to work even if your surfaces are not in the best shape.

Need a solution for your outdoor gates? Then check the Ismartgate wireless magnetic sensor. This weatherproof sensor can save you a trip out, letting you know if you’ve left it open again or not. No matter which one you choose, these sensors will always let you know what’s going on in your home.

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