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HomeSit-enabled LifeSmart Cololight Plus lightweight panel system accesses Amazon

Lifesmart Cololight Plus

Following the surprise launch of the Cololight Strip last month, LifeSmart today dropped another HomeKit-compatible accessory on Amazon, the Cololight Plus. LifeSmart Cololight Plus is an affordable hexagon-shaped modular lighting system that can display up to 16 million colors similar to the Nanoleaf and LIFX offerings.

Cololight PLUS is an upgrade to Cololight and Cololight PRO. It is an ambient light that supports the split joint and color change. Cololight PLUS can work with Apple HomeKit. It can be placed on the table or installed as a background wall, suspended ceiling. Its unique functions such as color change with music, voice control bring smart play in the lighting system, offering meals, life, game, festival, party and many other scenes with various experiences.

While the Cololight dashboard line has been available for other smart home platforms for some time, the latest Plus model finally brings support for Apple’s HomeKit. The Plus model is currently sold in a single package, which includes a base that connects the panels to Wi-Fi, without the need for a separate hub. According to LifeSmart, each plastic light panel includes 19 LEDs, and the system supports three display modes, including one for reacting to music.

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The modular design allows up to 255 of the three-inch-wide panels to be interconnected, although additional power supplies are needed to power larger displays. The panels can be mounted on ceilings and walls, plus the included base acts as a support for placement on a flat surface. The base includes a power button for convenient device controls, and remote controls are available through the Cololight app and the Apple Home app.

The Cololight Plus with HomeKit enabled has a list price of $ 24.99, although there seems to be a promotion available for the set, which allows an additional 5% savings using an Amazon coupon. Complementary panels are also available, starting at $ 12.99 for a single panel and coming in a six-pack for $ 89.99.

-HomeKit enabled

HomeSit-enabled LifeSmart Cololight Plus lightweight panel system accesses Amazon

LifeSmart Cololight Plus

Cheap, connected and colorful

LifeSmart Cololight Plus offers millions of colors in a compact, modular form factor that can be easily extended. HomeKit connectivity allows it to work with other accessories through automation and scenes.