How to turn your iPad into a smart display

Cupertino, January 16, 2022

You may think you're missing out on all the smart home fun because you don't have a Nest Hub or Echo Show. Did you know that you can turn an iPad into a smart display in just a few steps. Going out and buying a new smart display isn't the only way to have a device that controls your smart accessories and gives you information. We've covered how to turn a PC or tablet into an Alexa device. Learn how to turn an old iPad into a smart home hub for Homekit. Note: To use iPad as a home hub, it must remain in your home, turned on, and connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Using iPad as a Home Hub There are a few differences to keep in mind when using iPad for Homekit instead of a Google Assistant or an Alexa-based smart display. Their displays show a more complete source of information in the environment, while the iPad relies on the devices in your home. You can easily see your favorite scenes, accessories and cameras, but without a temperature device there is no weather and there is not always a visible Siri search field. Nevertheless, here are the simple steps to follow to turn your iPad into a smart display and home hub. Step 1: Open the iPad. Step 2: Click Settings and click your name. Step 3: Click on iCloud. You must be signed in to the iPad with the same Apple ID that you use with your HomeKit accessories. Step 4: Scroll down to Home and make sure it is enabled. If you don't see Home in the Settings menu, you'll need to download it from the app store. Step 5: Go back to Settings and click on Home. Click Use this iPad as a home hub. Step 6: Open the Home app on the iPad. The first screen shows all your favorite scenes and devices. You can also switch to specific rooms, scenes, and a discovery page. Adding Devices to HomeKit on iPad There are other apps available that turn your iPad into a different kind of smart display or use HomeKit, but using Home gives the best experience. Also, third-party hardware, such as a Hoobs system, can add other non-Homekit native devices to the Homekit ecosystem. Step 1: Open the HomeKit app on the iPad. Click the blue Add device button. Step 2: Click on New Device. Step 3: Log in to your Home Connect account. Step 4: Add your HomeKit devices. How to Disable Guided Access on the iPad Guests in your home can also easily change device status using the iPad instead of relying on Siri unless you enable Guide Access. This setting allows you to lock iPad on one screen with a passcode. Enabling this screen makes it quicker for everyone in the house to change the status of connected devices. It also ensures that no one can access other settings or apps on your iPad. Step 1: Open Settings. Step 2: Click General > Guided Access. Step 3: Click to activate the feature. People who use their iPad as a home hub may want to consider wall mounting. Whether you have a temporary wall mount or a permanent built-in mount, you'll need to invest in a longer lightning cable (depending on the iPad model) to keep it powered up. Once the iPad is mounted on a wall, you have an always-on, Siri-powered HomeKit hub that can easily manipulate your home. Are you interested in setting up your iPad as you are in the Apple ecosystem? Once you delve into HomeKit and its devices, having a smart display can make installation and management of those products easier. Looking for more products to control with your Apple Home hub? Check out our guide to the best HomeKit devices. Editor's Recommendations

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