iCloud Drive: Apple users' cloud storage solution

Cupertino, August 16, 2023

In brief Expert review Pros Lowest price per gigabyte Very good iPhone and iPad backup Homekit Secure Video Cons An intuitive interface for sync management No support for Android No common file history Our VerdictiCloud Drive with the iCloud+ plan is very useful for anyone with a iPhone or iPad. Not for Android users - and for those who mostly use the computer, there are better options with more stable syncing and file history. Apple, like several competitors, has its own cloud storage service. It's clearly aimed at users of the company's hardware, such as iPhones and Macs, but Apple has also developed a Windows client that provides basic support for syncing files and folders. However, there is no version for Android, so if you have an Android mobile phone and not an iPhone, you should stay away from iCloud Drive and the iCloud+ plan. It is also not possible to log into the account with third-party software and access your cloud storage that way. On iOS and Mac OS, iCloud Drive has many more features than are available on Windows, where it more or less functions as a pure cloud storage service similar to Dropbox. This way you automatically back up iPhones and iPads without having to enter the password that you have to do when you make a backup on a Windows computer. Apps and programs can store files and manage version history using iCloud Drive. Another feature is photo and video syncing, and the larger plans include Homekit Secure Video. It stores recorded video from surveillance cameras with full spectrum encryption whose size does not count towards Icloud space. Foundry iCloud Drive is the only one of the major cloud storage services that offers no file history and the ability to restore older versions of files. There is a file history feature, but it must be built into the program or app that uses iCloud for storage. The interface could be better. Once you've installed and set up what data you want to sync (leave iCloud Drive checked, otherwise you'll just get other iCloud features), iCloud for Windows runs as a background process and you can access the settings from the icon at the reporting point. For iCloud Drive, the only setting is where on the hard drive it should be located. If you subscribe to a lot of iCloud space and want to keep everything in sync, you can put the folder on an external drive so it doesn't fill up. the internal. On both Windows and Mac, one annoyance with iCloud Drive is that there's no centralized setting of which files and folders to keep in sync and which should only be in the cloud. In Windows Explorer you can see via a small icon in the status column whether a file or folder is offline or only available in the cloud (blue cloud means that it is in the cloud, green check mark is also on the computer). Right-click on the entry and you will see the Always keep on this drive and Free up space options which download and delete the local storage of the file or folder respectively. If you set a folder to be available offline, any new files you add to the folder on another drive will also automatically download to your computer. You can also choose these options for the entire iCloud Drive folder. Apple's prices are relatively good, and the 200 gigabyte plan for $2.99 per month, which includes family sharing and HomeKit Secure Video, is particularly good value. For a family with multiple iPhone users, it may be enough to back up everyone's phones and still have some space left over for file syncing. Facts: Tested: 2023 Manufacturer: Apple Platforms: Windows, Mac, IOS Free account space: 5 GB Storage space: 5 GB, 50 GB, 200 GB, 2 TB Monthly price: Free, $0.99, $2.99, $9 .99 Optional file and folder synchronization: Yes (indirect)Family sharing: Up to six usersBackup function: IOS onlyFile history: No (except some apps on iOS and Mac)Other features: Email account with own domain name, HomeKit Secure Video This review originally appeared on pcforallse and has been translated from Swedish to English.

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