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Ikea Symfonisk Airplay 2 Speaker Available in stores and online

Ikea Symfonisk Airplay 2 Speaker Available in Poland and More… – Homekit News and Reviews

To coincide with the latest shift of title from Tradfri to Home Smart for Ikea’s smart home product range, the Swedish firm has quite a few fresh products coming out quickly, one of them being the Airplay 2 activated amplifiers collaborating with Sonos, with another, their pro blind range, recognized as Fyrtur and Kadrilj. While the blinds will not be accessible until later in the season, their Symfonisk Wifi-based bookshelf speakers appear to have appeared in some of Ikea’s Polish shops (if you find the video below, it may also be accessible in other locations, such as the UK), although they are not presently accessible for internet ordering.

Jonathan Edwards has already submitted to his YouTube channel (see below) an unboxing video for this speaker.

These fresh amplifiers will also operate with other Sonos goods, including the Sonos app, in relation to working seamlessly with Airplay 2. As well as being intended to be installed on a rack, the amplifiers can be used by adding a unique bracket intended for the speakers as a shelf in their own right. The speakers measure 100x 150x 310 mm and, unlike most Ikea products, no building is required except for plugging into the power cable. The presenter is accessible in white and black / charcoal in two colours.

The mixed Symfonisk Speaker / lamp has also emerged in the same shops and is accessible in black and white as well. However, the device’s lamp portion isn’t intelligent, but you can add your own intelligent lamps, of course.
The potentially less interesting but fascinating news is that the battery kit for the upcoming Ikea Smart Blinds is now on sale in Germany, which is a relatively nice sign that intelligent blinds are on track for early winter. It is essential to remember that while this battery operates with the forthcoming blinds engines, it also operates with Ikea’s Mullbacka Desk Lamp, so it is not completely unexpected that it is now accessible.