Interactive Widget for HomeKit: Enhance your Smart Home with seamless device control

Cupertino, September 21, 2023

Since Apple does not have interactive widgets on the home screen, it is still possible to use Apple. It is possible that the iOS version will be released at 5 p.m. Flugs have made available the credible HomeKit App Home Widget (App Store Link) of this new new power and jetzt an update for the own iPhone and iPad app, the nutzung interactive widgets on the home screen are light. With Home Widget for HomeKit – so Clement Marty's full name uses HomeKit devices and settings. Der Entwickler from France has found an optical solution, its own HomeKit devices can have small Widgets and can be installed quickly. The download of Home Widget in the Basic version is free, more functions can be paid for a price of 0.49 Euro/Monat bzw. 4.99 euros/year, or if lebenslange Lizenz was purchased for a wicked 9.99 euros. For the installation of Home Widget you need 89 MB to free up the Speicherplatz on iOS bzw. iPadOS 17.0. New Widget-Größen and Sperrbildschirm-Widgets for iPad Clement Marty hat nun Version 1.8 of Home Widget in the German App Store appear lightly and show that Widgets are displayed interactively. The human also no longer has to start or view the home screen, a private HomeKit device is a device that is not active or active - the app can no longer be used. There are new features for interactive widgets in version 1.8: Turn on the dimmer with integrated interactive widgets. If you want to lighten the intensity or use of color or lighten your jealousy, and go straight to the Widgets! It is possible that the duration of a sensible action is a best possible solution. In response to your feedback, a new Widget size has been added: a compact 2×2 layout with four checkerboards. Make sure you use the power on your head, and save your time on the photo frame. Jetzt you can give a tip on one of the sensors, detectors, search or activate active widgets, or start the anwendung in the foreground of your sparrows with the "Night" mode that can use your widgets and get started in the night of all new features and interactions profitable. If you use the iPad, there are many new features. Small and running widgets can be used on the locked images. If this is not the case, the Sperrbildschirm of the verlassen is one of the actions that is performed. If you are a blinder or a walker, you can display your position on the Widgets. It is possible that the Entwickler with the new version of iOS the reactions and the results is broken again, so the anwendung would be eigener Aussage "which quickly comes to the market, which all these active actions", bleibt. Home Widget for HomeKit is one of the first Smart Home ads in the App Store, the interactive widgets for managing your own devices. About the Nutzen and Nutzerinnen erhält Home Widget bisher good 4.3 out of 5 Stars.

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