Introducing Brilliant's New Control Panel: Turning Every Home into a Smart Haven

Cupertino, August 22, 2023

Smart home systems maker Brilliant unveiled a new "install it anywhere" plug-in version of its Smart Home Control Panel on Tuesday. Any homeowner or renter can use their touchscreen-based control and automation system to manage smart home products integrated with HomeKit and Siri.

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Brilliant Plug-In Home Control Panel

Brilliant began shipping its Smart Home Control Panels in late 2018, with subsequent updates. They needed some wiring. But the new plug-in version makes it possible for just about anyone to add an operating system to their home. “This new addition provides additional flexibility and expands the accessible market for complete smart home control systems at an affordable price,” said Aaron Emigh, CEO and founder of Brilliant. “A plug-in version of our home control panel has long been a popular request from consumers interested in home technology, especially those living in rental properties or older homes, as well as from the communities of professional installers and security dealers,” he added.

Anyone can use it, Brilliant said: people who live in older homes without neutral or ground wires. Apartment dwellers who don't have access to their wiring. People who are uncomfortable with the wiring in their home. Professional installers and security dealers who are not licensed to do electrical installations.

Easy-to-use smart-home experience

You can mount the $399 Plug-In Home Control Panel, priced like the other panels, to any wall with screws. It includes a power cable and an adapter that plugs into any outlet. The cable simply runs down the wall, but you can also install it in the wall if you're handy or want to hire someone to do it. Brilliant describes its user experience, which simplifies the installation and management of smart homes: The award-winning Brilliant Smart Home system unifies and simplifies the way people control their homes and makes it easy to control popular smart home products using touchscreen panels with built-in voice control and the all-in-one Brilliant mobile app. Anyone can walk up to a Brilliant Control Panel and instantly access all the smart devices and experiences available in the home, without having to use a phone, download an app, or know or remember what voice command to say. Brilliant helps you control and automate a home with intuitive smart home-specific touchscreen menus, built-in voice control, customizable home automation scenes, programmable touch sliders/switches, and a single app to control it all. And the company noted that its panels include products from Ring, Google Nest, Sonos, Philips Hue, Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, August, Honeywell Home, Resideo, ecobee, TP-Link, Samsung SmartThings, Genie, Hunter Douglas, Somfy and others. can operate.

Expandable lighting system

Brilliant emphasized the use of its system for whole-home lighting: Brilliant functions as a whole-home lighting system with built-in motion detection, which can be expanded with Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switches and Smart Plugs, an audio/video intercom system to communicate with people in different rooms, and an alarm system controller in combination with a Resideo security system. It also offers built-in Amazon Alexa voice control with visual responses and integrates with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit/Siri.

Pricing and Availability

The Brilliant Smart Home Control Plug-In Panel is available for $399 at and Amazon. Brilliant said its products are also for sale by licensed contractors and installers at ADI Global Distribution and other distributors. They can purchase the plug-in panel from ADI by October 2023.

Where to buy: Amazon

Source: Brilliant Brilliant Smart Home Control (Plug-In Panel) Install smart-home control over lights, music and more without wiring. Alexa is built-in and the system is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Ring, Sonos, Hue, Google Nest, Wemo and SmartThings.

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