Introducing Ezviz's Latest 3K Home Security Camera Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Cupertino, October 13, 2023

After more than a decade in the home security industry, Ezviz has firmly established itself as a brand leader in this field. In a Nutshell Ezviz's first HomeKit-compatible smart camera, the E6 3K Indoor PT Camera, has just been launched. It is a 360-degree camera that captures every angle and comes with features like AI-powered motion detection, automatic zoom tracking, loud noise detection, and infrared night vision. It's a sleek-looking, unobtrusive smart camera that can be placed anywhere – even on the ceiling – and easily integrates with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Alexa. It is the first Ezviz camera that is compatible with Apple HomeKit. You can view live feeds, receive smart notifications, and set up personalized automations across all your Apple devices.

Key Features The company said the E6 is a plug-in Wi-Fi camera that can be easily installed anywhere and has flexible features to meet different security needs. The E6 can be mounted on ceilings, walls, or any surface in the home. The E6 camera rotates 360 degrees to capture every angle with unprecedented 3K video clarity, while effectively reducing overexposure of images to display scenes with balanced clarity. The camera can automatically zoom in up to 4 times to follow a moving person so that all details are clearly visible. Users can enable an AI option to specifically detect and track human movements and alert users if the sound level suddenly changes – whether it's the screams of a baby, a distressed pet, or the wailing of a siren. The E6 camera uses two powerful infrared lamps to display sharp nighttime images up to 10 meters away and automatically switches between day and night vision as the lighting environment changes. And it uses H.265 video compression technology that creates a smoother viewing experience with recorded 3K videos. Users don't have to worry about large video files taking up too much storage space as H.265 technology reduces their size by up to 50 percent. On the audio front, the former said it includes high-fidelity audio quality, human voice enhancement, noise-canceling microphone setup, and 10-meter sound recording.

Great for pet owners and parents The E6 is a useful camera for pet owners. If a pet is left home alone, the E6 sends mobile notifications so the owner doesn't miss any fun moments and can keep an eye on things to make sure he or she doesn't get up to any mischief. The E6 allows even the busiest working parents to monitor their home and family remotely with the option to receive calls from the kids or talk to a lonely pet to comfort it, receive emergency notifications and relive missed moments saved on camera.

Means of communication Even people who are not very technically savvy can enjoy the E6. Just wave at the camera to start a video call to the primary phone.

Other Features Homeowners also have the option of using the camera wired or wirelessly and can connect the E6 to the 2.4 or 5 GHz band to ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal. Ensuring users can capture unforgettable moments and store the memories safely, the E6 offers a choice of storage on a MicroSD card up to 512 GB, EZVIZ CloudPlay Storage or HomeKit Secure Video. You can control the camera with an Ezviz smartphone app.

Pricing and availability The EZVIZ E6 3K is available from Ezviz for an incredibly competitive £89.99. Sign up for our weekly Tech and Gaming Newsletter.

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