Introducing iPhone 15 Pro, iOS 17, and Apple Watches

Cupertino, September 22, 2023

In this episode of the Homekit.Blog Podcast, your hosts round up all the iPhone 15 Pro reviews, dive into new features like the strangely controversial Action button, and more!

It was the podcast before all our iPhones arrived, and possibly also the time to reconsider whether you made the right color, capacity and model choice when pre-ordering. Host Stephen Robles certainly has reason to wonder whether it was wise to buy a blue model. While William Gallagher worries about the action button and how a potentially great addition could turn out to be a misstep.

However, in addition to the new hardware that some people will buy, there is also new software that all recent iPhone and Apple Watch users will have access to. Now that iOS 17 and watchOS 10 are out of beta testing, it's time to find out what's so great about them. These things are subjective, of course, but perhaps not nearly as subjective as the reactions to Apple's commendable but cringe-worthy overlong environmental comedy skit.

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