iOS 17.1.2 - What You Need to Know for the Upcoming Release

Cupertino, November 29, 2023

There is a good chance that Apple will release the iPhone iOS 17.1.2 update this week. With iOS 17.2 likely to be released later this year, there is only a short time to introduce some necessary updates. Since iOS 17.1.2 is a minor update, it will most likely focus mainly on bug fixes. Hopefully this will also include solving the WiFi issues that many people encounter. This issue was fixed in the version 17.2 beta and Apple has claimed it will be fixed in the final release, but it is hoped this issue can be resolved sooner. The WiFi issue has caused some users to find that their phone loses internet connection or cannot connect at all. While it's likely that Apple will wait until the major update to fix the problem, they may release a patch until then to fix this problem. In addition to the WiFi problems, there are a few other complaints that the update may solve. Some minor bugs have been reported regarding push notifications, HomeKit, and more. In addition, there should be some minor security updates. One feature that could attract some attention is the NameDrop, which has caused some mild panic in recent days. While most concerns are exaggerated and due to misinformation, there is one possible solution. Apple should change the software so that the NameDrop feature is no longer activated automatically. iOS 17.1.2 probably won't offer anything groundbreaking, but it should fix some of the known issues. His main job is to lay some of the groundwork for the bigger release coming later this year. The update has been in testing for almost a month and seems to be received positively. There's a lot of excitement about the upcoming new Journal app and playlist collaboration. There are a few other features we can be excited about that we have a full article on. More from Tom's Guide Today's best Apple iPhone 15 and Apple iPhone 15 Pro deals No contract Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 5GB data Calls: calls to MX and CA included Texts: messages to MX and CA included Data : (reduced speeds after using monthly data allocation to continue indefinitely)No contractUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts5GB dataCalls: calls to MX and CA includedTexts: messages to MX and CA includedData: (reduced speeds after using monthly data allocation to continue indefinitely) No contractUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts2GB dataData: Shared additional data for $2 per 1GBNo contractUnlimited min.Unlimited texts2GB dataData: Shared additional data for $2 per 1GBNo contractUnlimited min.Unlimited texts250MB dataCalls: to US and 90+ destinationsTexts: Domestic and worldwide TextData: (up to a maximum of 128kbps)No contractUnlimited min.Unlimitedtexts250MBdataCalls: to US and over 90 destinationsTexts: Domestic and Global TextData: (up to a maximum of 128 kbps)

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