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Jasco’s new range of Enbrighten smart homes covers all the essentials

Jasco's new range of Enbrighten smart homes covers all the essentials

Jasco today introduced a new line of Enbrighten smart home accessories that offer convenient Wi-Fi controls without the need for a dedicated smart hub. The launch includes several smart indoor and outdoor power options, a lighting module and a new app.

“Enbrighten has become a high-growth brand known for its innovation in LED lighting and lighting control, combining excellent performance with excellent design,” said Cameron Trice, CEO of Jasco. “The new Enbrighten Wi-Fi app makes setup incredibly simple and offers intuitive automation for easy programming and voice control of smart indoor and outdoor jacks and power strips on Wi-Fi luminaires.”

For the interior, the Enbrighten line has a standard single-socket smart socket, a dual-socket model and a smart surge protector. The Enbrighten Mini Indoor Wi-Fi plug is an affordable option for $ 9.99 and has a compact design that takes up only one outlet. The Enbrighten 2-Outlet plug gives you extra grip and controls on the device in a slim form factor.

Also for the interior, Enbrighten Smart Surge Protector offers a total of seven sockets, three of which have smart capabilities. Finally, Jasco also introduced a BrightLink Wi-Fi module that converts existing Enbrighten LEDs into smart lighting.

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The exterior line includes the 2-socket Enbrighten Wi-Fi jack and a single stake of six Enbrighten Yard sockets. Both exterior models allow owners to add voice applications and controls to seasonal decor, landscape lighting and more.

All the latest products work with the new Enbrighten app, available on iOS and Android. Users can create programs, automations with other accessories and can control their devices remotely through the application. In addition to the app, voice commands are available through Alexa Amazon and the Google Assistant.

The Enbrighten line is available from today at Lowe and online retail outlets, as well as at and For acquisitions made through Jasco, the company says it will donate 50% of its net income to charities that help humanitarian causes worldwide.

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