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Cupertino, September 24, 2020

Amazon e-readers are simply the perfect way to enjoy the latest digital book launches, with lightweight, distraction-free models and eye-friendly displays, but the best Kindle comes at a cost. With the biggest shopping event on the internet right around the corner, we expect to see tons of Kindle Prime Day deals, so if you want to hold the entire library in your hand, this might be the best opportunity.

The latest Kindle readers offer something for almost everyone, with fun colors, large screens, easy to read and cellular connectivity. The classic Kindle is affordable and offers tried and true performance. A special edition for children adds a worry-free 2-year warranty and coverage for the mix.

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Kindle Paperwhite includes a beautiful, waterproof screen and dual storage. And last but not least, the Kindle Oasis has a slightly larger screen, physical buttons for browsing pages and lighting that automatically adjusts to the environment.

The best Kindle Prime Day deals

Although Prime Day is still a few weeks away, it never hurts to check current prices for the Kindle, as Amazon could use this opportunity to eliminate inventory before potential product refreshes. Even at the suggested retail price of $ 90, the basic e-reader model offers plenty of storage space and capabilities for most, and the Prime Day Kindle offerings will only make it better. Here are all the best Kindle Prime Day deals for all current Kindles.

What Kindle Should You Get?

No matter what type of Kindle you choose, reading books in digital format will never be the same due to the incredible battery life and those special eye-friendly screens. For regular readers, we recommend the basic, ad-supported Kindle, as it offers the most bang for your dollar. Starting at $ 100, the Kindle base has plenty of storage, with 8GB on board, a blinding six-inch screen , with adjustable headlight, Bluetooth for audible books and a battery that lasts for weeks. The basic Kindle is also used in the Kindle Kids Edition, which offers a case and a 2-year warranty for just a few extra dollars.

If you want to take your books for all your travels, then go with Kindle Paperwhite. Paperwhite has a screen set for crystal clear reading even in sunlight, with a pixel density of 300ppi, which is almost double that of the base model. Paperwhite has an IPX8 degree of water resistance that allows it to survive up to 60 minutes in six feet of water, which is perfect for relaxing by the pool. Paperwhite also comes in cellular models that can download the latest titles directly from Amazon without having to remember a Wi-Fi password.

Plan to do all of your reading on Kindle? Then Kindle Oasis is your best bet. Oasis has the largest display in the line, which comes in at seven inches and has a whopping 25 LEDs that automatically adjust the lighting levels according to the environment. Oasis is also the only Kindle still available with back-to-school buttons from the old school, if you're into this kind of thing. If all this weren't enough, Oasis includes the same storage capacity, a few weeks of battery life and a waterproof class as Paperwhite.

The best way to read

The Amazon Kindle line focuses on providing the best possible digital reading experience with dedicated devices that eliminate all the fun found on phones and tablets, and with Kindle Prime Day deals, they can be obtained cheaper than ever.

Need more details on all the different models or other e-readers? Then check out our guide to the best Kindle of 2020 and the best E 2020 readers. Also, if you are interested in the top Kindle, Kindle Oasis, then make sure you read our hands-on experience, which we describe as being a pure joy.

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