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Koogeek Smart Fingerprint Lock Review

Koogeek Smart Fingerprint Lock – Homekit News and Reviews

Koogeek was one of those suppliers that had been in the Homekit game almost from the start. The Koogeek P1 was one of the first products that I owned, so there’s also a lot of history.

Although Koogeek has been around for a while, they never strayed too far from the typical plugs and lights kinds of HomeKit accessories, so when they lastly announced the Koogeek Padlock, I knew I had to look at it.

The Koogeek L1 Padlock is a solid piece of equipment and has a lock associated with weight and general stability. However, I have some worries about the precision of the fingerprint reader (often not working) and some worries about the accessibility of the factory reset button.

I think the Lock is likely overpriced given the user experience, but it’s one of those stuff that a real HomeKit fan puts down cash on just because it’s a somewhat distinctive form factor. (Another brand that escapes me is named).

However, I would suggest for most individuals to pass on the Koogeek Padlock until the price drops or a fresh model is published that addresses some of the present problems.