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LightWave Announces the HomeKit Compatible Smart Relay Controller

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LightWave, a UK-based HomeKit device manufacturer, announced their own intelligent relay device following comparable equipment from Fibaro, Aqara, and most lately from Terncy / Xiaoyan. The basics are the tool with the model number L82, called the Smart Mini Relay, which is explained by Lightwave:
  • The Lightwave Smart Mini Relay is an extremely versatile tool that enables free or mains electrical circuits (max 500W load) to be remotely controlled.
  • As a consequence, the Lightwave App can control all automatic curtain openers, doors, gates and lighting circuits.
  • Using Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, each Smart Mini Relay can also be regulated by voice.
  • The Smart Mini Relay is a very helpful way to control the lighting of LED strips. This can behave in conjunction with Lightwave Smart Sockets and Dimmers as part of a wider lighting scene that can be triggered by either a single button or the App.
  • Using the Lightwave LW824 Waterproof Housing, the Smart Mini Relay Relay can also be located outside. This enables controlling outdoor characteristics like garden lighting, pond pumps, or automatic gate openers.
  • Can control volts free circuits or mains power up to 500W

This small device will be available from October 1st, and will sell in the UK for around £49.95. The Smart Mini Relay is available for pre-order from LightWave’s own site.