Managing multiple HomeKit homes with ease

Cupertino, August 1, 2023

Apple's Home app is the best way to control your HomeKit accessories with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch. But what do you do if you have a holiday home, rent a home or want to manage a home for someone else? Don't worry, you can use the Home app for that too. We'll show you how to create and manage multiple homes within the Home app in no time.

Multiple HomeKit Homes: What You'll Need
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Before you can create multiple HomeKit homes, you need to meet a few requirements. First, you need to make sure your iOS devices are up to date with the latest software versions. You'll also need a HomeKit hub at both locations if you want to take advantage of outdoor remote control, scenes, and automation. As you would expect, your hub should also have the latest software version.

Create multiple HomeKit homes
Creating a secondary HomeKit home takes just a few taps. Start by launching the Home app, then tap the Add button. Now tap on Add New Home. Next, use the keyboard to name your new home, then tap Done. To change the background of your new home, tap Choose from existing or Take photo. Finally, tap Save in the top right corner of your screen to finish creating the home.

Switching Between Your HomeKit Homes
Just like creating a new home, Apple's Home app makes switching between multiple homes or homes you share with others quick and easy. Start by launching the Home app. Now tap the More... button. Then tap the name of the house you want to switch to. The Home app slowly fades to the assigned background of the other house and all accessories appear on the screen. You are now ready to add a smart home product to the new home with Apple HomeKit.

Enabling automatic home switching
You can also use your device's location to automatically switch between homes. However, you must first enable Location Services. If you need help, check out our guide on how to share your location on an iPhone. With Location Services enabled, start by launching the Home app. Then tap the More... button at the top of your screen. Now tap the back arrow next to Homes on the left side of the Home app. Finally, tap the switch next to Home Switching.

How to Organize Your HomeKit Homes
Similar to organizing your HomeKit home with rooms and zones, you can use the Home app to customize how your homes are displayed. By rearranging the order of your houses, you can quickly make changes if you don't have automatic home switching enabled. Launch the Home app, then tap the More... button. Then tap Home settings, then tap the back arrow next to Homes in the top left corner. Now tap Edit and drag your houses into the order you want. When you're done, tap Done to save your changes.

Deleting a HomeKit Home
If you want to delete a HomeKit Home, you can also do so through the Home app. Launch the Home app, then tap the More... button. Then tap Home Settings. Now scroll down and tap on Delete Home option at the bottom. From here, the Home app displays a warning stating that deleting a home will also delete all accessories, scenes, and automations inside. When you're done, tap Delete to delete your home.

Manage all your HomeKit homes with the Home app
By creating multiple HomeKit homes, you can add smart accessories directly to each location, reducing overall clutter in the Home app. When you need to switch locations, launch the Home app and select your home, or take the guesswork out completely by using automatic Home Switching.

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