Matter-Compatible Air Purifier Also Integrates with Apple Health

Cupertino, July 9, 2024

Back in January, we reported on an upcoming air purifier under the Welov brand, which was said to be the first Matter-compatible air purifier on the market. It’s here now and available on, and somewhat surprisingly, the price isn’t all that bad considering it’s a Matter device. This is the P200 Pro, which also has a feature that Apple users will likely like.

While you may not have heard of “Welov” before (seriously, who comes up with these names?), the brand is part of an ecosystem called AiDot, which also represents a brand you may be more familiar with – Linkind – which has been making Matter-compatible lightbulbs for a while now. The P200 Pro, which is primarily an air purifier, is geared towards combating elevated PM2.5 levels, which are especially prevalent at night, and is aimed at allergy sufferers, offering protection against allergens like pollen.

The appeal for Apple enthusiasts will be its seamless integration with Apple Health, making it easier to share sleep data. This allows the air purifier to adjust its purification modes based on sleep cycles. This would take the form of the fan speed adjusting based on sleep patterns built up over time in Apple’s Health app. Regardless of Apple affiliation, users will benefit from personalized sleep profiles, syncing with individual sleep patterns, noise level monitoring, and customizable lighting effects, including a colored LED light on the device.

Features of the P200 Pro Air Purifier:

  • Cleans rooms up to 1,570 ft² in 60 minutes.
  • Monitors and adjusts fan speed in real-time based on indoor air quality, with feedback displayed via colored LEDs and PM2.5 data.
  • Operates at noise levels as low as 23 dB in sleep mode for minimal disruption.
  • Utilizes HEPA filtration, certified to capture 99.97% of ultrafine particles.
  • Three filter options:

In a move not dissimilar to the Smartmi P1 air purifier, Welov offers three different filter options to suit your specific needs:

  • The purple filter (Toxin Absorber Filter) is designed to tackle things like VOCs, including formaldehyde, and other gases, using a larger layer of activated carbon.
  • The white filter (Original Filter) is for standard air quality situations, like PM2.5 and smoke.
  • The yellow filter (Pet Care Filter) is designed more for people with pets, so it’s geared towards pet dander, hair, pollen, and pet odors.

In reality, these filters should largely tackle all of the above, though the purple filter differs with its larger layer of activated carbon. This is a Matter device, but it uses Matter over Wi-Fi, so while it can claim to be the first of its kind in this regard, the Airversa Purelle is still currently the only HomeKit over Thread air purifier on the market.

You can buy the P200 Pro now from for US$137.98, which also includes your choice of three filters.

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