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Mijia migrating on Bluetooth Mesh With New Bulb and Downlight

Mijia Jump on Bluetooth Mesh With New Bulb and Downlight

Miji, Xiaomi’s smart home division, today launched two new My Home lighting items, both using Bluetooth Mesh protocol. New lighting products— E27 smart bulb and downlight — both appeared in the Mi Home application listing section today and are designed to work with the latest I Smart Gateway launch that, in addition to being a Zigbee Gate, also works as both standard Bluetooth gateway and Bluetooth mesh.

Since Mi Smart Gateway is compatible with HomeKit, an expectation that they will be exposed to HomeKit is fair to danger, although these devices are not yet available, it’s too early to tell. It would also seem that both bulbs are only white, not to mention the color in the Mi Home app, although they may be capable of a dry, cold light.

These bulbs follow from both series of Light bulbs with already available Yeelight Bluetooth network-E27, downlight, E14 and spotlight (which are compatible with both Smart Gateway Gate and still to be launched Hub with Yeelight Bluetooth network, which will also come with HomeKit compatibility) and recently unveiled Genre 2 lights I posted a few days ago.

Although new products and protocols are always welcome, Bluetooth Mesh still seems to have a low take-up and as such is viewed as an unknown which, added to the slow response times of Bluetooth, could be a difficult sell for those who use it. At speeds of Zigbee seen on the Hue and Aqara products.