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Nanoleaf celebrates May 4 with an epic Yoda made of Canvas lights

Nanoleaf celebrates May 4 with an epic Yoda made of Canvas lights

Nanoleaf entered the spirit of Star Wars with an epic Canvas design to celebrate May 4th today. Based on 48 of the company’s Canvas light panels, Nanoleaf has designed an incredible Yoda, which puts the icon in color, above an equally sweet office configuration.

Nanoleaf’s Canvas lights are our favorites for their modular nature, which allows those with real creative talent to bring to life almost anything they can believe. Canvas squares can display up to 16 million different colors and shades of white, and each square can display a color that is independent of the others in the same configuration.

Lightweight canvas squares also offer sports capabilities that allow for all sorts of controls, such as touch to change colors, and even play games like Simon or Memory. HomeKit integration takes touch panels even further, allowing everyone to function as HomeKit buttons. Yes, you read that, every bright square Canvas can trigger actions or scenes for other HomeKit accessories, which means that this wonderful Yoda acts like 48 HomeKit buttons!

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An initial package of 9 square Canvas is currently available for $ 200 at various retailers such as Amazon or directly from the Nanoleaf online store. Expansion packages consisting of 4 and 25 panel sets are also available, starting at $ 80.