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Nanoleaf hexagons are now available for pre-order, shipping in July

Nanoleaf Hexagons is now available for private pre-orders, delivering on June 30th

Nanoleaf has opened pre-orders for everyone for its upcoming Hexagon light panels today. The announcement comes just a few weeks after a private pre-order phase and provides that they are only available in limited quantities. Unlike the previous private pre-order, which was shipped in June, the last round of orders will be on display in July.

In addition to the new Hexagon shape, the latest panels include signature features from the company’s Canvas and Aurora line. Each Hexagon sports touch control, which can be used to control light levels and to play games like Simon.

Hexagons also include viewing music through rhythm scenes. The panels can display up to 16 million different shades or colors and white and can use tons of scenes already used with other shapes.

The new Nanoleaf line is the ability to combine shapes, starting with the Hexagons. The future forms of the company will be able to connect directly to the Hexagons, creating tons of possibilities with its 6 parts.

Starter sets for Hexagon panels start at $ 199 for a set of 7 panels ($ 179 in pre-order). Other kits include 13 and 19 panel options, the larger sets come with a slight discount when broken down on the panel.

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