Nanoleaf Lines: New HomeKit light strips shine from behind

Cupertino, January 4, 2022

Not too long ago, the lighting experts at Nanoleaf delighted us with the Elements panels in wood look. And as briefly teased in the summer, today the promised new Nanoleaf Lines were presented to the world.

Nanoleaf Lines New HomeKit light strips shine from behind

Form follows function

Nanoleaf Lines are smart, lightweight, 26-centimeter-long LED light strips that can be plugged together in a completely modular way. They can be mounted on walls and ceilings. The individual light strips can thus be connected to each other at 60-degree angles to form different layouts and geometric shapes and radiate backwards onto the wall.

Nanleaf Lines ceiling mounting

As usual with Nanoleaf, the box contains everything needed to get started right away. Power supply, controller, connectors. The individual LED strips are easily and quickly clicked together according to personal taste and designed a first motif. Even with the starter kit with 9 light strips, can already create small works of art.

Nanoleaf Lines New HomeKit light strips shine from behind

As soon as the controller is supplied with power, it is enough to hold the iPhone briefly in the vicinity of it and the Nanoleaf Lines are already added to HomeKit via Wi-Fi. At the same time, the new device can also be operated in the Nanoleaf app.

Nanoleaf Lines New HomeKit light strips shine from behind

HomeKit vs. Nanoleaf App

As is unfortunately still the case with HomeKit at the moment, the full potential of all Nanoleaf lighting elements can only be used via the Nanoleaf App. Each light strip has two color zones that make the Nanoleaf Lines shine in two tones. The special lighting technology creates smooth transitions by mixing different color shades, but this is only possible via the manufacturer's app for design.

1641621347 677 Nanoleaf Lines New HomeKit light strips shine from behind

Controlled via HomeKit, the light sculpture shines in its entirety in just a single color, but this does not detract from the overall appearance. It can also be used to elegantly set the scene for a living area. As can be seen from the technical details of the Nanoleaf Lines in the HomeDevices app.

1641621347 281 Nanoleaf Lines New HomeKit light strips shine from behind

However, animations previously created in the Nanoleaf app can also be synchronized to HomeKit. These are then displayed as a scene in the Home app and can be started there, or on demand via Siri, also with the corresponding color gradient. A visualization of the surrounding music is, as known from Nanoleaf, also on board of the controller.

Nanoleaf Lines New HomeKit light strips shine from behind

Connection via Thread and Matter

Nanoleaf Lines extend the Thread ecosystem and act as thread-border routers for Nanoleaf Essentials lightbulbs and lightstrips to provide faster and more reliable connectivity. All Thread-enabled devices, regardless of manufacturer, will be able to connect to a Thread network through Nanoleaf's Thread Border Routers using future updates. Nanoleaf Lines were designed with Matter in mind and will work seamlessly with the new standard via a software update next year, the vendor said.

Extensions, pricing and availability

In addition to a starter kit as a 9-pack and 15-pack, there will also be an expansion set with three light strips. In addition, Nanoleaf offers the Lines Skins. These allow additional design customization. As ultra-light front panels, they can be easily attached to the light strips using a click system. The skins will be available in black and pink from December.

1641621349 971 Nanoleaf Lines New HomeKit light strips shine from behind

The Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit is available as a 9-pack for €199.99, the Starter Kit as a 15-pack for €299.99, and three additional Lines as extensions cost €59.99.

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