Nanoleaf Unveils Duo of Fresh Lights and Exciting Lamp Partnerships

Cupertino, October 12, 2023
  • Wattage – 5W±10%
  • Standby Power – <0.5W
  • Input Voltage – 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • PF – >0.7
  • Working Life – 25,000H
  • Working Temperature – -10℃~40℃
  • Working Humidity – 10% to 90%

Nanoleaf has joined forces with the renowned brand Umbra to craft the Smart Lamp Collection. This collection showcases two innovative products, the Cono Portable Lamp and the Cup Lamp. What sets this collection apart from other products from the company is its compatibility with Matter, marking the introduction of the very first table lamps that support this technology.

Gimmy Chu, the CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf, expresses his enthusiasm about the partnership with Umbra;

Nanoleaf is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Umbra. Together, we’ve combined thoughtful design with cutting-edge technology to create products that will enhance the way people interact with their living spaces.

Les Mandelbaum, the President and Co-Founder of Umbra, shares his excitement about this collaboration;

We’re excited to partner with Nanoleaf to bring original and inspirational design to the SMART lighting category. With their expertise in smart home innovation and Umbra’s passion for modern everyday design, we’ve crafted a beautiful collection of original and inspirational smart lighting products to enhance our customers’ day-to-day environments.

The Cono Portable Lamp offers full-spectrum RGBW lighting options with the now standard 16 million colours and tunable whites. It boasts smart, customizable settings and dynamic lighting scenes. This portable lamp features a five-hour battery life, allowing you to take it wherever you go. Its design enables you to position it upright, on its side, or even upside down to provide the right amount of illumination. The unique leg design also doubles as a handle, making it easy to move around your home. It’s constructed with a metal body and a stand made from durable recycled plastic mixed with wood fibre composite, lending it an organic appearance. The Cono Portable Lamp is available in two colours: Grey and Sierra.

The Cup Lamp in the collection not only provides functional lighting but also features a USB charging port and a unique cup-shaped base, making it a perfect fit for limited desk space, combining practical lighting with organizational appeal.

Both of these products are compatible with Matter over Thread, allowing users to control the lighting through Nanoleaf’s mobile app or their preferred smart home app (Apple, Google, Amazon, or SmartThings). This includes the ability to turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, set schedules, group lights by home and room, create or download scenes, and control all the lights in a room together. For added convenience, the lamps are equipped with manual on/off switches for easy control when you don’t want to use a mobile device.

The GU10 and Downlight are available now for pre-order at and retail for US$49.99/CA$69.99 (GU10 3PK) and US$34.99/CA$49.99 (Downlight).

The Nanoleaf x Umbra Cono Portable Lamp is available now for pre-order at and retails for US$95/CA$95. Orders will ship by early November. Cup Lamp is coming in early 2024.

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