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Nanoleaf’s Shapes panels now come in two triangle sizes

Nanoleaf's Shapes panels now come in two triangle sizes

Nanoleaf’s Shapes panels now come in two triangle sizes

Nanoleaf's Shapes panels now come in two triangle sizes

Nanoleaf has introduced its latest entries in its line of interconnected light panels Shapes, a pair of new triangles, available in both standard and mini sizes. Both panels use Nanoleaf’s Connect + technology, which allows them to connect with the company’s previously launched Hexagons, opening up a whole new world of design possibilities.

“Nanoleaf’s vision for the Shapes line is to give users complete design freedom
create the most personal lighting experience to date. Smart lighting means pushing
the boundaries of possibility, and that’s exactly what we wanted to offer with our Shapes line, “says Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf.” By adding triangles and mini triangles, we allow users to explore and combine by illuminating shapes like never before.
before. Combining smart technology and careful design, the Shapes line leads the Smart Decor category for a lighting experience that has no limits. “

The updated triangles, although similar to the iconic design of the Aurora panels that made Nanoleaf a household name, have smaller corners at each end, as well as softer, rounder edges in the illuminated areas. The newest panels also use an updated connector that locks in place and an easier-to-use instant mounting system that debuted on Hexagon Shapes.

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Nanoleaf also brought tactile capabilities to the triangles that owners can use to summon favorite scenes and play simple games. The new triangular panels continue to support the ability to display up to 16 million colors and shades of white and retain “classic” features such as music and screen sync capabilities.

True to the company’s commitment to making ease of use a priority, the latest addition to the Shapes line will also include an update to Nanoleaf’s signature app. A new color picker will help take the RGB experience to the next level with a larger, more intuitive interface that gives you access to a wider range of colors and added palette reports to further adjust your color selection. This includes a new dashboard for easier access to all products and the removal of any unnecessary elements to give your favorite features the spotlight.

Like previous Nanoleaf light panels, the new triangles connect to home networks via Wi-Fi and integrate with various smart home platforms, such as Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant. To go along with the version, Nanoleaf offers its own Smart Series application an update, which simplifies the controls and introduces a new dashboard that offers faster access to the panels in the house.

Nanoleaf’s Shapes panels now come in two triangle sizes

Source: Nanoleaf

In addition to the updated application, the company announced that it will launch a series of new smart bulbs and lighting strips in November, under the Nanoleaf Essentials line. The company mentions that the new products will be the first smart lighting accessories that work with the wireless Thread protocol in addition to Bluetooth. Nanoleaf states that Thread offers improved reliability, a wider range of commands and “no more abandoned connections”. The wire will also allow the Essentials line to connect directly to Apple’s recently announced HomePod mini and return to Bluetooth if the connection fails.

The new lights also support Adaptive Lighting, which automatically adjusts the color temperature throughout the day and each accepts up to 16 million colors and shades of white. The price for the Nanoleaf Essentials line starts at $ 19.99 for an A19 bulb, with the light band at $ 49.99.

Updated Shapes Triangles from Nanoleaf are now available at the Nanoleaf online store and the Home Depot store, starting at $ 119.99, for a pack of five Mini Triangles. The full-size triangles come in a seven-pack starter set, which sells for $ 199.99, and the expansion packs are also available for both sizes. The updated Nanoleaf Smarter Series app is also now available for iOS and Android.