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New Mijia HomeKit Smart Home Hub has been Added to Mi Home

New Mijia HomeKit Smart Home Hub Now Added to Mi Home – Homekit News and Reviews
If you follow our blog, you will probably be aware of two new Xiaomi ecosystem hubs that were listed a few times, although none of them officially existed when we first reported on them. Aqara officially unveiled its new version back in July, however, dubbed the M2, with lots of interesting specifications, and a completely new design.

The Mijia version also emerged around the same time (unofficially), but was finally revealed earlier this month at MiDC, initially with a ridiculously low RMB129 cost and a tentative release date of 12 December in Mainland China.

As with the Smart Home ecosystem of Xiaomi, users can monitor their devices via the Mi Home app. The Mi Home varies from Apple HomeKit in that all compatible devices are mentioned in the app, so all devices are there in sections when you go to the’ attach gadget’ page. For new devices, what tends to happen is that they usually add new devices before they become usable. The gateway, identified as the Mijia Smart Home Hub, has appeared in the listings today, which is in line with the fact that when the hub will be launched we are fast approaching December.

There was no mention of HomeKit support at all in the introduction when the hub was first released, and it led to some confusion as to whether the platform would actually come with HomeKit support, or whether there would be two versions, a HomeKit version and a non-HomeKit version. The question was answered with the screenshots above, with the second screen saying, “This device supports HomeKit, and can be combined and worked in the Home app.”

All great news if you’re looking for a new Xiaomi / HomeKit compatible hub and have been struggling to source one in the U.S., though as already mentioned, initially the rollout for this platform will be Mainland China, with the eventual listings for this device eventually appearing on sites including AliExpress, GearBest and the like. It is also unlikely to be nearly as cheap at first anywhere, although these prices tend to fall after a few months when the excitement has fallen.