New spotlights for the Hue Fugato ceiling

Cupertino, August 27, 2019

Philips Hue is one of those firms that never seem to sit still for a minute, as evidenced last year (in reality around the same moment), with lots of outdoor lighting, including for the first time, outdoor light strips.

This year already bodes well with news of Hue Filament bulbs due in the near future as well as more Bluetooth enabled bulbs on top of the original range published last month (like the latest A19 bulbs we previously reviewed)

Now with the looming IFA trade show, some leaked pictures have surfaced, the fresh Fugato Spotlights first found by In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, which seems to be coming to all fresh Hue products, these new fixtures will display the normal 16 million colors.

Furthermore, Hue also seems to be planning to release two kinds of recessed spotlights called ' Centura. ' In specific, the strange thing about these lamps is that they do resemble the recessed spotlights mentioned for a while by Philips Hue Milliskin.

The Milliskin lights are only accessible in White Ambiance, while the fresh Centura lights will be complete color, with Bluetooth connectivity probably coming in as well.

As far as price is concerned, here are prices that we originally published back in June, courtesy of in relation to other fresh goods (release dates and spec might of course alter):

  • GU10 (white) new design with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (week 36, 1st week September 2019)
  • GU10 (white ambiance) with Bluetooth: € 29.95 (week 36)
  • GU10 (white & color) with Bluetooth: 59.95 (week 36)
  • Hue White Filament with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (week 37, 2nd week September 2019)
  • Hue White Filament Edison with Bluetooth: € 24.95 (week 37)
  • Hue White Filament Globe with Bluetooth: € 29.95 (week 37)
  • Candle E14 with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (week 37)
  • Hue GO V2 with Bluetooth: € 79.95 (week 40, early October 2019)
  • Fugato spot (multiple configurations): from € 89.95 (week 37, 2nd week September 2019)
  • Argenta spot (multiple configurations): from € 89.95 (week 37)
  • Centura recessed spot (multiple configurations): from € 64.95 (week 37)
  • Adore mirror lamp (multiple configurations): from € 149.95 (week 45, beginning of November 2019)
  • Adore bathroom spot (multiple configurations): from € 49.95 (week 45)
  • Smart Plug: € 29.95 (introduction date unknown)

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