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New version of Aqara D1 Switches Due Early March

Updated Aqara D1 Switches Due Early March

An Aqara representative announced via Aqara sub Reddit that their current models would soon be published with single and double wire switches updated. New models with Suffix D1, besides the single and double switches, will show a triple swing configuration for the first time. The new switches will be available in Mainland China on March 3rd, so stocks are likely to appear shortly via foreign resellers (AliExpress, GearBest, etc.).

Aqara’s own forum states that the improvements to the latest D1 variants from the existing models are more aesthetic than functional, with the form factor having slightly more square edges being placed next to the blue LEDs now on the underside of the switch housings. On the turn itself, right in front.

The D1 models, which are ideal for the deepening of Chinese and European switches, will have options for neutral or wireless variants, and although wireless versions of the D1 switches will be available, the three-swing switch will only be available in one configuration. Thread. Thread. The new D1 models will work with both Apple HomeKit and Mi Home and Aqara Home applications via the Aqara hub, thanks to which they will use Zigbee for communication, as with the current rocker cable switches. Similarly, neutral wire options will serve as Zigbee signal repeaters. Neutral ones won’t be able to do this though.

These switches ‘ T1 models are optimized for launch and are designed for the US with both neutral and neutral variants as well as single and double switch configurations. There is currently no triple button option for these. They should be available on, according to Aqara, “very soon!”