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Cygett Expands Smart Home Sensor and Lock Lineup

Cygnett, a significant player in Australia’s electronic accessories, is preparing to grow on their Smart Home product range, coming rapidly

Ikea Trådfri LED Filament Bulb

Now, using intelligent lighting is really simple for anyone. This bulb enables you to choose from 3 colors to alter

New M2 HomeKit hub, switches, locks, camera and other new devices are available from Aqara

Aqara today formally revealed its new M2 HomeKit hub along with the latest sensors and switches compatible with Zigbee 3.0.

Satechi Dual Smart Outlet review

Smart plugs–the backbone of any possible DIY intelligent home scheme. They were, of course, what got me began on this

Ikea Leptiter LED Recessed Spotlight

You can adjust the lighting to your company with this recessed LED spotlight. A hot light is perfect for relaxing in

Ikea Symfonisk Airplay 2 Speaker Available in stores and online

To coincide with the latest shift of title from Tradfri to Home Smart for Ikea’s smart home product range, the