One Device for All: The EZVIZ HP7 Video Door Phone Combines Security Camera, Doorbell, and Intercom

Cupertino, September 5, 2023

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Smart security brand EZVIZ has just launched the HP7, a new generation internet-connected video door phone designed to replace traditional intercom systems in a smart and connected way. As demonstrated at IFA 2023, the new HP7 serves as a central hub for all EZVIZ devices, acting as a security camera, doorbell, display, and intercom in one convenient product. Last week I got to visit the EZVIZ booth at IFA and have a full tour of everything EZVIZ has to offer later this year and into 2024. While the indoor and outdoor security cameras, robot vacuum cleaners, and smart lock innovations were excellent, what stood out to me the most was the new HP7. It's full of name, the EZVIZ HP7 Video Doorphone & Control Center, is packed with smart features that make entering and leaving your home and communicating with visitors outside your home easier and more streamlined. With its understated look and design, the EZVIZ HP7 consists of a 2-in-1 camera and doorbell with a 7-inch color touchscreen, completely revolutionizing the outdated intercom. The EZVIZ HP7 works by connecting to entry locks and home networks, making it easier for homeowners to enter their homes and access doors remotely. It has multiple access options, including tapping the indoor monitor, using the EZVIZ app, or swiping a smart RFID card, for better and stricter security. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the EZVIZ HP7 works in a similar way to the best video doorbells. Using the app or the indoor monitor (which is located in the home and displays who's at the door), 2K video allows users to see who's at the door and interact with visitors with real-time audio and two-way conversations. When you are on vacation or at work, you can also use the EZVIZ app on your phone to receive incoming calls when someone rings the doorbell. (Image credit: EZVIZ) Although the EZVIZ HP7 is described as an advanced video intercom, I saw it as more of a security camera, video doorbell, and smart display in one. For example, the EZVIZ HP7 can detect human movement and instantly alert you for improved safety. The EZVIZ HP7 can also be used as your smart home hub, as it can connect and manage other EZVIZ devices, and it's compatible with the Matter and Apple HomeKit ecosystems. With more and more people investing in video doorbells and outdoor cameras, the idea of ​​an intercom system may seem a bit old-fashioned. But the EZVIZ HP7 tries to replace these intercoms and provide better security and communication. While EZVIZ says the HP7 is a custom solution for larger homes and villas, I think many homeowners could benefit from it, including small businesses and flats. In addition to its many smart features, the EZVIZ HP7 has up to 512 GB of storage and supports 2.4/5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi and comes with three name tags to make sure people are knocking on the right door. The EZVIZ HP7 video door phone is available on the EZVIZ website.

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