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Opro9 Unveil Update to Their Smart Diffuser

Opro9 Unveil Update to Their Smart Diffuser – Homekit News and Reviews

Opro9 Unveil Update to Their Smart Diffuser

Opro9 Unveil Update to Their Smart Diffuser – Homekit News and Reviews
Earlier today, Taiwan-based Opro9, part of the company’s CVICloud community, posted two videos on YouTube, both promoting two of their air quality products–the Opro9 Air Washer and their Smart Diffuser’s’ newest model.’ I say the latest version, as the company has been venting this item for some time now, with the last (unreleased) iteration being spotted at the Computex Trade Show in Taipei last year.

These devices are compliant with HomeKit, which effectively doubles their list of HomeKit-enabled devices, with the first two being their Smart Plug and the Smart socket, both of which have been available for some time. Also revealed last year was the Air Washer, but it only began to surface in Mainland China at the beginning of 2019, with no sign of it since then except for Taiwan. This could be due in part to problems allegedly not working as intended with the PM2.5 sensor of the system.


Going back to the Smart Diffuser, believing that this is seeing the light of day, it would only make this the second Diffuser compliant with HomeKit, the first being Vocolinc’s highly successful Flowerbud. Although the product clearly exists in the video, according to our source, the company is obviously a way out of launching the unit, and mass production is still being processed. There is not much we can tell you about the phone with this being the case, except that it will almost certainly have identical specs to the one seen last year, which you can read below:


  • HomeKit compatible
  • smart control and set timers for convenience
  • 1/3/8 hour easy-to-set timer
  • indicator for warning you when to replace the water in the tank
  • auto turn-off when water reservoir becomes empty
  • 16million colours available with the built-in LED light
  • manual controls to select 5 different light scenarios
  • automatic detection of humidity levels for when the device turns on or off


  • wifi – 2.4gHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • wireless security – WPA personal, WPA2 personal
  • adaptor voltage – 100-240V AC
  • input voltage – DC 24V / 1A
  • maximum power – 19W
  • dimension – 86.8 x 113.3 x 209mm
  • weight – 0.476kg
  • water capacity – 200ml
  • certifications – SRRC/RoHS