Philips Hue introduces three new smart security cameras

Cupertino, August 31, 2023

Philips Hue is set to debut their new product, Philips Hue Secure, which is a DIY security system that incorporates cameras and sensors that work alongside their smart lighting system to deter potential burglars. When the system is activated by a sensor, compatible Hue bulbs can flash in red or white and sound an alarm through the camera. The Philips Hue Secure lineup includes a wired indoor/outdoor camera ($199.99), a battery-powered indoor/outdoor camera ($249.99), a full-color floodlight camera ($349.99), and new contact sensors ($39.99) designed to secure windows and doors. The Verge had the opportunity to preview these devices at IFA 2023 in Berlin and found them to have a sleek appearance and a simple magnetic mounting system. However, the standout features are the end-to-end coding and the tight integration with Hue's lighting system. It should be noted that these products come at a premium price. They are among the most expensive smart security cameras available. The battery-powered Philips Hue Secure camera can be used indoors and outdoors and offers the option of a magnetic mount for placement in the ground. The cameras operate using Wi-Fi, provide 1080p video quality, two-way talk, end-to-end encryption, smart alerts for people, pets, and vehicles, and a built-in siren. They function as motion sensors for the security system and can also serve as motion sensors for Hue lights when not actively monitoring. At launch, they do not support compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. However, Philips Hue is working on integrating live footage viewing on these companies' smart displays. The cameras also do not work with Apple Home unless cameras are supported in Matter. There are no plans to support HomeKit Secure Video. To view recorded footage, a subscription fee starting at $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year, per camera is required. Philips Hue has announced that Matter support will be added to its bridge next month, which means the new contact sensors will be compatible with Matter. There is a possibility that the motion sensors in the cameras will also be accessible through any Matter-compatible platform. The article provides more detailed information about the individual camera models and contact sensor, as well as how they can be integrated with the security system and the Hue app's Security Center. It also compares the Philips Hue Secure cameras to Google Nest cameras, noting the similarities in design and functionality, but highlighting the added privacy protection of end-to-end encryption offered by Philips Hue. Overall, the article concludes that while the Hue Secure system carries a high price tag and may be lacking some features at launch, the aesthetic appeal and privacy protection make it worth considering for those willing to invest in a premium security solution.

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