Philips Hue Secure Contact sensors now compatible with HomeKit

Cupertino, December 1, 2023

Signify Releases New Philips Hue Contact Sensor Firmware Adding Support for Apple HomeKit

According to, Signify has released new firmware for the Philips Hue Contact Sensor that adds support for Apple HomeKit. Previously, the indoor sensors could only be controlled via the Security Center of the Philips Hue app. Now, after updating to the new firmware (1961076030), they will appear in the Home app, where users can use the 'open' and 'closed' status of the sensors to create automations and control other HomeKit devices that aren't connected to the Philips Hue bridge.

Released in September, the Philips Hue Secure Contact Sensor can be applied to doors, windows, cabinets and more, sending notifications when the contact sensor is opened or closed. Users can remotely activate an alarm that flashes the lights, sounds a siren and contacts local authorities, and there are options to adjust camera settings. As with Philips Hue Secure cameras, the sensors can be linked to lights to activate them when the sensor is triggered, so they can be used, for example, to turn on the lights in the bathroom when the door is opened. Philips Hue Secure Contact Sensors cost $40 for one or $70 for a set of two, and various mounting brackets and other additional hardware can be purchased for $15 to $50.

More information can be found on the Hue website.

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