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Philips Hue Smart Button Preview

Philips Hue Smart Button – Homekit News and Reviews
This intelligent little button is having a large effect. Use a easy click to control your lamps. To dim or brighten it, press and hold the button. Even better, depending on the moment of day, your lights automatically adjust to the color and brightness we suggest.
  • With one click, control the lamps
  • Set your light by the moment of day
  • Custom functionality
  • Flexible, wireless connection
  • IP Rating – IP44
  • Minimal battery life – 2yrs
  • mounting options – detached | wall
  • Upgradeable software – when connected to Hue Bridge
  • switch depth – 14.5 mm
  • Switch diameter – 32 mm
  • Wall plate depth – 6 mm
  • Wall plate height – 76 mm
  • Wall plate width – 76 mm