Philips Hue smart home cameras reveal first glimpses

Cupertino, August 23, 2023

At the beginning of August, we learned that Philips Hue plans to launch its first smart home cameras soon. As the release approaches, we've taken a look at the first images of the devices, which are expected to start from ~$200. This story is supported by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Mosyle is the only solution that fully integrates five different applications on a single Apple platform, enabling businesses and schools to easily and automatically deploy, manage and protect all of their Apple devices. More than 38,000 organizations use Mosyle solutions to automate the deployment, management, and security of millions of Apple devices every day. Request a FREE account today and discover how you can put your Apple fleet on autopilot at a price that's hard to believe.

Spotted by, two of the four new Philips Hue smart home cameras have gone through the FCC approval process. The documents contain images of the devices and technical details, but please note that this may not be the final form. As noted on the warning sticker, Philips has incorporated magnets into the cameras that can be used to connect to brackets and standards not shown below. Here's a look at the upcoming wired Hue camera as per the FCC filing: And here's the larger wireless Hue camera with battery: Shown in the images, both cameras feature WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee connectivity. predicts that Bluetooth will be used for installation, while WiFi will be used for video transmission. Zigbee will be used to connect to the Hue bridge. We haven't heard yet if the upcoming Hue cameras will offer HomeKit or HomeKit Secure Video support, but the Hue bridge will have HomeKit support - so fingers crossed.

Prices of Philips Hue smart camera

As far as prices are concerned, here are the expectations from Hueblog:

- Hue Camera Wired (B&W) € 199
- Hue Camera Wired Desktop (B&W) for € 229
- Hue Camera Battery (B&W) for € 249
- Hue Flood Light Camera for €349.

Those are some premium prices and with a lot of competition in the market and late-to-market Philips Hue, it will have to do its job to convince customers to pick it up. Signify CEO Eric Rondolat has said the new Hue smart cameras will include end-to-end encryption as a unique selling point. But any camera with HomeKit Secure Video does too, and it costs well under $100.

Philips Hue smart camera launch date

We may not have to wait much longer to learn all the details, expects Philips Hue to launch the new cameras will launch within the next two weeks. What do you think? Are you willing to pay a premium for Hue cameras? Or are you completely done with another brand? Share your thoughts in the comments! FTC: We use automatic affiliate links that generate revenue. More.

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