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Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 LED Smart Bulb Review

Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 LED Smart Bulb – Homekit News and Reviews
To assist you relax, read, focus, or energize, add a White ambience light bulb with hot white to cool daylight. Check in one space or couple with a Hue Bridge immediately via Bluetooth to unlock the complete suite of characteristics.
  • Warm-to-cool white light
  • Instant control via Bluetooth
  • Control with app or voice*
  • Add Hue Bridge to unlock more

Control up to 10 lamps with the Bluetooth app:

you can monitor your Hue intelligent lamps in a single room in your house with the Hue Bluetooth app. Add up to 10 smart lights and simply press a button on your mobile device to control them all.

Control lights with your voice*:

get your lights hands-free and use your voice instead! You can regulate various lamps in a space or just a single lamp with simple speech instructions. Works with Alexa when the Echo unit is compliant. Compatibility with appliances coming shortly from Google Home and Google Nest.

Set the correct mood with hot white light to cool:

these lamps and light switches give various colors of hot white light to cool. You can adjust your lamps to the ideal color and brightness of light for your regular requirements with full dimmability from bright to small nightlights.

Get the ideal light ingredients for your regular operations:

make your day simpler and more enjoyable with four preset light ingredients specially crafted for your regular assignments: Energize, Concentrate, Read and Relax. The two cool-tone scenes, Energize and Concentrate, assist you get into the afternoon or stay focused, while Read and Relax’s hotter scenes help you read comfortably or calm a busy mind.

Unlock Hue Bridge’s complete suite of intelligent light characteristics:

add a Hue Bridge (marketed individually) to your intelligent lights to experience Philips Hue’s complete suite of characteristics. With a Hue Bridge, you can add up to 50 intelligent lights to monitor your entire house. Create timers and routines to automate the full configuration of your smart home appliances, wake up and go to bed with your lamps. Control your lamps away from home or add movement detectors and intelligent switches to accessories.