Philips Hue's Gradient bulbs with addressable RGB lighting on sale now from $137 (Reg. $200+)

Cupertino, July 31, 2023

Amazon is now marking a pair of Philips Hue Gradient Signe bulbs for best prices of the year. For starters, we shipped the Signe Table Lamp, now trending for $136.67, after the coupon was clipped on the page. Starting at $220, today's offering pairs the coupon with an instant cash discount to deliver 38% in savings and a new low in 2023. This is $19 below our previous listing and also the best discount ever. As one of the first and only Philips Hue releases to include addressable RGB lighting, the Gradient Signe Table Lamp features an upright design that can be added anywhere to bring some extra mood lighting into the mix. The form factor means you can splash colored light on walls, behind TVs and basically anywhere else with a build that pairs via Bluetooth or Zigbee with the rest of your Hue setup for the full HomeKit experience. Go below for more. The Philips Hue Play Gradient Light Tube takes on a more horizontal shape and also benefits from the savings today. This model drops to $144.50 via Amazon with the coupon on the page, subtracting $55 from the usual $200 rate. It's also the second best price yet, coming within $10 of the low all time in January. Bringing much of the same addressable RGB lighting to your space as the table lamp version above, this light tube is aimed at resting under your TV on top of an entertainment console to add some unique mood lighting to your home theater. Though it will fit anywhere with much of the Bluetooth or Zigbee connectivity we detail in the launch coverage. As for other ways to bring some mood lighting into your smart home, we're still tracking an all-time low on Nanoleaf's Black Shapes Triangle HomeKit bulbs. This modular kit includes nine light panels that can be configured any way you want, bringing unique multicolored lighting to your space in a way that neither Philips Hue model can match for $165. Whatever you do, make sure you this beautiful new NASA-designed geo-sync SKYVIEW lamp. We just got a hands-on look at the sleek and unique design and were even impressed by the hefty price tag. Features of the Philips Hue Gradient Signe table lamp: Instantly create the right atmosphere for any occasion with 16 million light colours. Transform any room for an immersive entertainment experience, create the perfect atmosphere for a get-together with friends or complete your interior. Easily control your smart lights with the push of a button in the Hue app or simply with your voice. You can also add smart accessories to your system to enjoy the convenience of controlling your entire home, inside and out. Subscribe to the Homekit.Blog YouTube channel for the latest videos, reviews and more!

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