PhoneSoap enters the air purification game with the AirSoap air purifier

Cupertino, September 10, 2020

PhoneSoap, the brand behind the popular line of disinfection accessories for UV-based phones, has launched its first entry into the home air purification market. AirSoap, which is available today, promises to kill airborne bacteria through a series of safe reusable collection plates in the dishwasher that need no replacement.

WindSoap Electric Wind's efficient, high-energy technology reduces and eliminates invisible particles, such as house hair, pollen and dust mites, thus reducing allergic symptoms and improving sleep quality. Instead of traditional, filter-based air purifiers that use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) system that requires expensive replacement filters and loses overtime effectiveness, AirSoap uses washable, reusable graphene collector plates that are more efficient. when cleaning the air.

AirSoap combines what PhoneSoap calls Electric wind technology which kills bacteria and polarizes particles in the air with a set of graphene collection plates that remove particles up to the size of 14.6nm. PhoneSoap states that this system does not diminish over time, thus eliminating the additional costs associated with replacing filters and allowing AirSoap to consume less energy than traditional air purifiers.

The advanced AirSoap air purification system captures and kills even the smallest viruses, up to 14.6 nanometers, which is much more efficient than even the best disposable HEPA filters that can filter only up to 300 nanometers.

The PhoneSoap purifier has adjustable fan speeds plus an automatic mode, each of which is "whispering", with maximum speed noise levels reaching only 58 dB. AirSoap can cover rooms up to 400 square meters, with a nominal rate of clean air delivery of 200 m ^ 3 / h. While AirSoap has a smart automatic mode, it does not include any form of smart home connectivity, instead relying strictly on the controls placed on the device.

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The AirSoap air purifier is now available for purchase directly from PhoneSoap for $ 399.99. Additional information about AirSoap can be found at and be sure to come back soon for a full review.


PhoneSoap enters the air purification game with the AirSoap air

PhoneSoap AirSoap

Air purification without expensive filters

The AirSoap air purifier cleans rooms up to 400sqm. ft in size Electric Wind Techonlogy which can eliminate airborne bacteria. A washable and reusable collection plate system eliminates the need to purchase these expensive replaceable filters.

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