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Pre-orders Launch For New HomeKit Enabled Mi Hub

Pre-orders Start For New HomeKit Enabled Mi Hub – Homekit News and Reviews
Now that the official launch date (for Mainland China) is less than a day away, the hype around the latest Mi Hub seems to be growing. Nonetheless, some retailers do not seem to be able to wait too long, as is now selling the hub as a pre-order product, for just US$ 24.99. The one catch is that delivery for this product will not be sooner than January 30, 2020, so long after the launch of the Chinese. Nonetheless, it is a good sign that it will be available to consumers outside China at present, although unofficially.

If you haven’t followed our coverage of this phone over the past six months, this is the successor to the original Mi Hub, with a few major additions or upgrades over the original as well as a few missing items.

First off the bat is that the device is Apple HomeKit compatible, so it’s something new for a Mi hub. It basically means that it operates much the same way that the Aqara center does at the moment. The original hub linked via wifi to your network, but only interacted via ZigBee with its own child phones. It still links to your network in the same way with the modified router and also connects to Zigbee phones, but it also includes an integrated Bluetooth gateway, which also acts as a Bluetooth mesh hub.

This means that many of the Bluetooth devices in the business are now directly accessible from the hub. This also opens up the possibility of potential access of these Bluetooth devices to HomeKit.

This means that Yeelights ‘ Bluetooth mesh array of lights, which is also compatible with HomeKit, will also be able to work with the app, while Yeelight has already confirmed its own Bluetooth Mesh system, which is also compatible with HomeKit.

As for Zigbee, the hub uses the new protocol Zigbee 3.0 for broader signal coverage and faster response times. Both Aqara and Mijia’s modified child apps will be using ZigBee 3.0 in the future.