Protect your home with eufy's top security cameras and save up to 44%

Cupertino, August 24, 2023

With the latest deals from Amazon, you can save insanely on the best cameras and other great products from eufy Security.

We're rounding out today's deals with one of the best picks you can get to keep your home safe, like the eufyCam S220 (eufyCam 2C Pro) 2 from eufy Security-Cam Kit, now selling for $180 after a huge discount of 44 percent.

This kit includes two wireless cameras capable of recording 2K video and a battery life of 180 days; Then charge the 6,700 mAh battery for an additional 180 days of power and protection.

These cameras are also HomeKit compatible, have excellent night vision and only warn you when they recognize human shapes thanks to their smart image enhancements and AI technology that can tell the difference between people and animals or other objects.

EufyCam 2C $180 $320 Save $140 eufy Security, eufyCam 2C Pro 2-Cam Kit comes with two 2K ​cameras with 180 days of battery life, night vision and an IP67 rating.

Here at Pocketnow, we like to bring you the best tech deals we come across so you can save as much money as possible on your favorite products and purchases without spending time searching for them.

However, the offers we post are valid at the time our items are published, and by the time you come across them, they may no longer be available or products may be out of stock.

Keep that in mind as we remain committed to working with you for the benefit of your wallet!

You can also score big savings on a new eufyCam 2C Pro add-on security camera, as it's currently receiving a 37 percent discount, making it up for grabs at $95.

This model normally costs $150, which means you'll save $55 with your purchase.

This camera can also record 2K video and comes with an IP67 rating, night vision, and some of the best protection at no monthly cost.

And if you want to forget about charging the batteries, you can buy the eufy Security 4G LTE solar-powered mobile security camera for $150, with an instant savings of $50.

You can also score huge savings on the eufy Security Smart Lock C210, a 5-in-1 keyless door lock, which is now available for $84.

This model normally retails for $140, which translates to $56 in instant savings.

And if you're also planning on purchasing video security for your car, you can also check out the new Nexar One, the company's most powerful and smartest dash cam to date, which gives you 4K video recording, live parking mode, and live streaming, incident notifications, alarm activation, vehicle location and tracking, and more for only $280, which means you save $120.

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