Removing Apple HomeKit 2 and Matter: Deleting all traces

Cupertino, October 17, 2023

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So we go to HomeKit 2 Apple HomeKit and Matter: Keine Berührungsängste Matter-Vorteile with Apple HomeKit combines HomeKit 2 and Matter: Fazit

Apples HomeKit is a functional device while using Smart-Home-System, it is a long time for a certain exclusivity after all. Now that we are a reteller of Eve Systems or more we can opt for the Apple Solution. If you have a device with iPhone, iPad, HomePod and Co. used, you can once get a greater range. Apple is affiliated with the prominent institutions for repairable mountain reifenden Smart-Home-Standards Matter. Matter-tactile Geräte wie de Leuchtmittel von naonleaf kannst du mittlerweile ohne Umwege in Apple Home. (Image: Nanoleaf) Apple updated its version of iOS 16.4 with the HomeKit architecture in March 2023. Getting started with using Apple Home with HomeKit 2, we show that the Kulissen offers higher compatibility and excellent performance of Apple devices. Smartes Heizen is the first choice in Smart Home. The best smart Heizkörperthermostat has now been tested: The best smart Heizkörperthermostat Werbung » The Top 6 Smart Heizkörperthermostat So wechselst from HomeKit 2 Der Wechsel from the other on the new Home architecture is easily eremptt. Beach everyone, all connected iPhones and iPads are on iOS bzw. iPadOS 16.4 is being activated more and more often. If the update does not last longer, it will no longer be possible to use the control of the Apple Home systems used. This is possible with the upgrade to HomeKit 2-wire Apple's Smart Home system. When you do this, you must perform the activation in the Home App. This can be done on the iPhone, iPad or Mac. Click here on “More”, click on “Settings of the Zuhauses” and give a tip on “Software updates”. If you have not yet completed the new Home Architecture, you will now need to assist during the Upgrade Progress. Make sure you can use a smart installation and a connected smart home device. Apple HomeKit and Matter: Keine will be working with the new Home architecture that makes Apple-Smart-Home suitable for devices listed on Matter bzw. den Funkstandard Wire Sets. The purpose of this study: To know that you are working with HomeKit, the installation of Matter devices with iPhone and Co. for a Klack. Those who work with HomeKit can easily connect by scanning QR codes. There is an alternative to setting up a notification or manually entering codes and codes. So the installation of Matter-Geräten in HomeKit works, no matter what you know. After the connection is made, the matter is automatically enabled in the Apple Home system. If you use Apple's Schlüsselbund system, it will automatically sync with all other Apple devices so you can log in with the Apple ID. You can broaden the subject matter in such a way that simple operation or simple automation is possible. Begin installing the firmware update for Matter devices via the Home app. You can also theoretically save the installation of recovery apps. Practical: Firmware updates for Matter devices can be installed directly via the Home App. If devices can be used when the Repairer apps are used, the feature features have disappeared. It is more practical to set the Apple-Home and the Drittanbieter system to synchronize, so that you can make a simple configuration. Matter vorteile combined with Apple HomeKit The installation of Matter compatible devices in Apple HomeKit works with an iPhone problem. One of the best of both systems is that you can use an ideal HomePod or an active Apple TV 4K on a computer. Both Apple devices work together with the core function as Thread Border Router. You may then want to use a thread-based arrangement with small sensors in the network. In our major article on the topic of the thread in Smart Home, more time will be needed. An Apple TV 4K does not bring videos to the TV, but to the Thread Border Router. In combination with a single solution, another major group of Matter systems can be used: the multi-admin function. It may be that a Matter-geräte HomeKit is parallel and functionally identical to other Matter-compatible systems. Use the operating systems of Apple and Samsung devices, test your Matter hardware with Samsung SmartThings connected and controlled. You must fully activate coupling mode. Switch on the Home app to set up the Matter-Geräts jewelery and give a tip of the “Kopplungsmode active”. The Apple system says a code has now been entered with the device in a pair of Matter system systems that can be paired. The Multi-Admin function is available, Matter-Geräte in other Smart-Home systems are connected. The natural function is optimal. Google, Amazon, Samsung and Co. offer their Smart Home apps, which use a number of targeted Matter products in connection mode. You may find a QR code or a QR code. These can then be useful, one of the devices in the Apple Home system is linked. HomeKit 2 und Matter: Fazit Der Wechsel auf de nouvelle Home-architecture und umfangreiche Unterstützung von Matter und Thread zeigen, dass Apple und Smart-Home-Bereich nach wie voor Ernst nimmt. If the potential exists, everything in the direction of matter can happen practically nur Vorteile. You can no longer start downloading German more devices in HomeKit, or two Apple-exclusive hardware by a Matter update that is more flexible for the nutzung with other repairers. One of the sweet things about Eve, who created products after years of being an Apple-exclusive Apple invitation, is a matter of doing it. If Apple Thread is integrated into the iPhone 15 Pro, it is a matter of the Smart-Home function of the seriousness nimmt. (Image: Apple) Where Apple has developed the new Smart-Home standards, the iPhone 15 will be installed in 2023. The Pro model is the first smartphone, there is Bluetooth and the Matter-Funk standard wire no longer available. It has never been more clear that Apple played a greater role with that function in detail, the thread and the matter for Apple.

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