Review: Eve Thermo - A High-End Radiator Thermostat Ideal for Apple Enthusiasts

Cupertino, September 8, 2023

With a straightforward installation process, support for both Thread and Matter, and a company headquartered in Germany, the Eve Thermo seems appealing at first glance. This smart radiator thermostat doesn't require a bridge and is compatible with Apple's Siri voice control. In this review, we will explore whether the proximity to Apple has any negative impact on the Eve Thermo and how it performs in everyday use.

- Can be used without a bridge or additional accessories
- Unobtrusive and attractive design
- Very nice smartphone app

- Many features are missing without the HomeKit control center
- Touch control is cumbersome
- Currently only compatible with Apple devices

The Eve Thermo in a nutshell: The Eve Thermo is recommended for Apple users, as Matter support is not yet available as of September 2023. The beautiful app and easy installation were particularly impressive in this review. However, the limited functions without a HomeKit control center and the cumbersome operation of the device itself were somewhat disappointing.

If these drawbacks don't deter you, the Eve Thermo is priced at $79.95. Please note that it is not yet available for purchase in the US, hence the sales currency in €. Additionally, the Eve Thermo is designed for hot water radiator heaters, which are more popular in Europe than the US.

Design & Installation: The Eve Thermo is an inconspicuous radiator thermostat that doesn't have moving parts. It features two touch-sensitive surfaces for operation. Installation is simple and can be done with four different radiator valves. The manufacturer provides adapters for Danfoss RAVL valves and other types. The installation process involves calibrating the Eve Thermo through the app, ensuring optimal temperature regulation.

Operating the Eve Thermo can be done through the app or by directly setting the desired temperature on the heater using the touch-sensitive buttons. However, the touch control can be cumbersome, requiring multiple taps to reach the desired temperature. A more elegant solution would have been preferable.

Smartphone app: The Eve app turns your phone into a digital heating control center. It allows you to view statistics, update the firmware of the Eve Thermo, and program automated tasks. While the app is well-designed and offers native functions for smart home automation, it is only available for iOS. Unfortunately, the app doesn't display the ambient temperature, and some users may find it confusing at times.

Performance and smart home: Apart from temperature control, the Eve Thermo can protect your heating system against calcification. However, it doesn't have integrated detection for open windows, so additional accessories are required for this functionality. The Eve Thermo supports Matter and Thread, promising compatibility with devices from other manufacturers in the future. However, at the time of this review, compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa was not yet available.

In conclusion, the Eve Thermo has its strengths with its ease of installation and attractive app. However, limitations without a HomeKit control center and the cumbersome touch control may be drawbacks for some users. It is still primarily recommended for Apple users due to its current compatibility.

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